Updates on our girls!

We just received some updated info and pictures of LilyKate and Eleanor and man, are they cute! As you can see in the photos, they are both growing and look very healthy. LilyKate is in yellow and Eleanor is wearing pink. The report says that LilyKate weighs 20.46 lbs and Eleanor is 21.12 lbs. They are both 25.6 inches tall.  They each have two teeth on the bottom and a bit more hair on their heads. They are developing well and love to play with each other. Wow, they are so much bigger and more adorable than their referral pictures, if that's even possible!  We have a call scheduled with our agency on Wednesday evening and will know our itinerary soon.  We should be leaving the second or third week in June. I didn't think it was possible to be more in love with these two girls, but I was wrong!


  1. They are so cute...and chunky!!! They really look like they are being well taken care of. How exciting!!!! I wish they sent video!!!

  2. Susan and Jonathan.

    Wow! They truly are adorable. Hurry up and bring them home before any more bad news from China.

    Love G'ma and G'pa

  3. Susan and Jonathan
    They are looking great! Here's hoping a fast TA and looking at travel dates of around 12 June so we can hook up in Nanchang!
    Hugs Ruth in NZ

  4. Oh My Susan they are adorable. I don't even know what to say but WOW are they cute and so healthy and robust....

    So happy that you got an update....

  5. Susan & Jonathan,

    We're so happy that you were able to get an update before traveling. The girls are SO adorable and have grown so much since their referral pictures. They look very healthy and happy. Now the next pictures we get to see are ones with them in your arms...FINALLY!!! :)

    Cheri, Shane & Hope

  6. Susan and Jonathon,
    The girls are just too cute for words! Can't wait to see them in both your arms!
    (A fellow twin mom!)

  7. DEar Susan & Jonathan-
    The girls are beautiful and happy and fantastic! They are your little blessings from heaven! I love them! Can't wait to meet and hold the lovely babies!! LOL

    Wendy, Kate & Claire

  8. They are so sweet! I hardly recognize them through those chubby little cheeks - it makes you just wanna squeeze 'em!!!

  9. Oh my, they are so cute and look so healthy!! Can't wait to follow your trip!! It's going to be here before you know it!


  10. WOW! Could they seriously get any cuter?!

    I think the answer is a NO....

  11. Susanita & Jonathan

    They are adorable!!
    All of a sudden I had this awesome vision of Christmas of all of you posing for a pic under the tree...
    I am so excited for you guys


  12. Jonathan and Susan,
    Mazeltov, mazeltov! They are incredible miracles...yeah GOD!
    They've been blessed with great parents! I love you both,
    Aunt Rosie

  13. Marcia is right. They do look, and sound, well taken care of. There's the difference between foster and orphanage care. Sera was under 17 lbs and had no teeth at the same age.

    Those are two adorable girls. Now c'mon TA get here quick!

  14. They are ridiculously cute.....and those cheeks were MADE for kissing!! :)

  15. Just thinking about you and hoping that the twins are doing okay in China with all the earthquake craziness there. These updated pics of the girls are adorable, and they look really healthy. Congrats again!

  16. How beautiful! They look alert, healthy and well cared for in addition to just looking so beautiful. I know you ache to hold them and kiss them. Prepare yourself for gallons of happy tears when they are handed over to you. What a blessing!
    Let us know if we can help - we're just down the street.
    Melinda, Ed and Lucy

  17. Your daughter's are so very cute! Congratulations to you both. What a wonderful family. Best wishes!

  18. They are just adorable! You have been doubly blessed.

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  19. They are too adorable. Can't wait to follow your journey to Nanchang to adopt them. We have virtual twins adopted from China and one of them is from Jiangxi.

    Congrats again!

  20. They are indeed sooooo cute!!!! My little one had those pinchable cheeks too now we can't keep her little pants up. LOL

  21. What great pictures... Double Trouble :) You all are going to have such great times and life together!!!


  22. I love the bunny on LK's shirt!