Showers of Love

The ladies of Mount Zion hosted an amazing shower for me yesterday. They overwhelmed me with their kindness, love and generosity, and I was moved to tears more than once during the afternoon. We have the most incredible church family you could imagine and they are all just about as excited as Jonathan and I are to meet our daughters. We ate delicious food, spent time together, and oohed and aahed over more gifts than anyone deserves. Below are a few shots that I took at the shower, as well as some of the piles of gifts in the girls' room later that day, as I went through it all again, read every sweet card and tried to find a place for all the wonderful things we received.

We love you all so much and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your love and support mean more to us than we could ever say and we know that you will love and care for our daughters as you do all the children of Mt. Zion - like your own.  We are blessed!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

The lovely centerpiece with live goldfish made by Lisa B

Close-up of the fish

Some of the many gifts waiting to be opened

Gorgeous cupcakes made by my sweet friend Marcia

Adorable girls who helped me open all those gifts - Savannah, Lexi and Brooke

Gifts, gifts and more gifts - wow!

Sorting through and savoring each one


  1. I love the one of you surrounded by all of those presents in the girl's room...or is that now just the room for their stuff?

    I also love the picture of Savannah, Lexi and Brooke...they are so beautiful! What great girls!

    Just 10 more days!!!

  2. what a beautiful celebration of love by your church family!!

    The 2 embroidered bags caught my eye...GORGEOUS!!

    Congratulations. Praying for you as you prepare to travel to meet Eleanor and LilyKate

  3. What a wonderful shower. I was on the phone with Marcia when she was making your cupcakes. She was having a blast.

    I guess you now have something ot occupy your time until you leave. LOL

  4. Susan everything is so beautiful and I agree with Marcia the one of you in the middle of the gifts is a wonderful picture..Those cupcakes are gorgeous...kudos to Marcia....


    10 more sleeps to go