Our Official Itinerary

Okay, here is the itinerary for our trip, which we received yesterday from our wonderful China Coordinator, Uncle Zhou (pronounced Joe). We have heard so many great things about him and can't wait to meet him in person, along with all the families in our travel group.  Just 10 days to go before we leave! We have our plane tickets and are waiting on our Visa's, which should arrive on Friday. I plan on packing at the end of this week and then having a few days to tie up some loose ends, run the last errands, and get the house cleaned and ready before we leave. China and parenthood, here we come!

June 12 - Leave for Beijing via Chicago

June 13 - Arrive in Beijing. We will stay at the
Holiday Inn Downtown Beijing

June 14 - Visit the Great Wall. Lunch and shopping by the Wall. On the way back, we will stop at the Olympic Stadium

June 15 - Visit Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, a silk factory, and enjoy late lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. Depart for Nanchang at 5:10 pm - arrive at 7:30 pm. We will stay at the
Galactic Peace International Hotel (don't you love that name?)

June 16 - We will walk to the adoption center, which is just across the street from our hotel, to meet our daughters at
10:00 am!! Then we'll sign some documents, get a chance to ask some questions about our girls and head back to the hotel for lunch or rest. We will return there in the afternoon to do some additional adoption paperwork.

June 17 - We will go by bus to the notary office and police station to apply for the babies Chinese passports

June 18 - A day of rest and bonding, or sightseeing and shopping

June 19 - We will do some sight-seeing by bus

June 20 - Fly to Guangzhou at 5:45 pm, arriving at 7:20 pm. We will stay at the
Guangdong Victory Hotel

June 21 - Babies Visa photos and Medical Exams in the morning

June 22 - Shopping at the Jade and Pearl market

June 23 - We'll visit the Fish & Bird Market, experiencing the Guangzhou subway

June 24 - Appointment at the US Consulate for a short ceremony and to pick-up the babies Visa's

June 25 - Heading home departing from Hong Kong! We leave the hotel at 6:00 am and arrive home (via Chicago) at 8:01 pm


  1. It is Awesome isn't it to see the whole trip in writing.. It's real it's happening.. We are going to China....Yippee.....


  2. How wonderful it all sounds. I hope you have a wonderful trip. Lucy can't wait to meet your babies - she is ready to volunteer us for babysitting service at any time.

    Y'all please go out to eat somewhere without a kid's menu and see a movie that Disney didn't
    make before you go. It will be a while once you get back.

    Have a safe and wonderful trip. If you think of anything you need please let us know.


  3. Susan: I am very glad for yous and the girls they are beautful.
    Love always
    Cindy White