Packed and Ready

So, the packing is now DONE and I can breathe a little easier! Since I have been making lists, buying stuff and getting organized for weeks, it wasn't too big of a chore and the bags both weigh a couple of pounds under the limit. which is great. Thank goodness we are not traveling in the wintertime, as I am not sure how I would have fit much more in those two bags!

We still have our two carry-ons to pack, which are a backpack for Jonathan containing the laptop, cameras and other electronics, along with any items he needs for the flight, as well as a backpack-style diaper bag for me, which will contain the prescription drugs, documents and my must-have items for the flight. We received our passports and visa's back today, and I feel such a sense of accomplishment after this week.

Yesterday we attended yet another baby shower, given by Jonathan's co-workers. We had a wonderful time and were touched by their kindness and generosity - thank you all so much! We now have purchased the car seats and the second highchair, and we are incredibly thankful to all of you. We have all the essentials, the girl's room is ready and we can now relax a little and enjoy our last few days as just a couple, before we become a family of four!


  1. Sounds like you're ready!

  2. Great Job now enjoy your weekend and the last few days before we leave for China. It won’t be long now sweetie..

    Big hugs

  3. Here's my unsolicited advice that you may have already done. Mix up your stuff, hubby stuff, and kids stuff between the 2 cases, in case one case is lost. Stick a pair of pants, shirt, underwear, socks in the backpack if possible, in case both are lost. Unless you and your husband area really really tiny by US standards. Otherwise, its hard to find clothes that fit in china. Baby clothes are plentiful.

    Good luck!

  4. Have a wonderful trip! So amazing you got an update on your two daughters! Wow!
    We will follow your journey!

    Alyson LID 01/27/06

  5. A family of four... sounds nice... as the excitement and mayhem builds... hehehe... take care

  6. Godspeed - savor every moment of your first days with your babies. They will be the most memorable of your life.

    Melinda, Ed and Lucy

  7. I cannot overstate how important Anonymous's comment was. If you haven't already mixed up the his/hers clothes, then re-pack. We had one of our suitcases go missing for the first WEEK of travel, and we would have been hurting if we hadn't mixed things up. Our carry-on had a few outfits in them, too, just in case the checked bags all went missing.

  8. What an exciting week this is going to be! Have a wonderful and safe trip. Post lots of photos!


  9. Wow!! You guys got one foot out the door already!!
    Be safe, take care and bring 'em


  10. Safe travels and many blessings!

  11. Congratulations on your beautiful girls! I am a 25 year old graduate student and me and my boyfriend really want to get married in a few years and adoption from China. Go Clemson Tigers! I saw you were Georgia and had to say hey. I am praying for you on your journey and am thankful for people like you in this world. I feel so excited for you after just reading your blog! God can do amazing things. Take care, Laura

  12. Just wanted to say happy travels! We are leaving for the beach and will be without a computer while there. I CANNOT wait to come home next week and read all about your adventures! Enjoy the time in China - when else will you have someone to cook, clean and do your laundry for you??!??!


  13. You must be crazed with excitement about your trip. I just wanted to wish you safe travels and can't wait to go along on the journey with you!
    (Mom of twins adopted domestically in 2003)