Pictures Coming Soon

Hello all...this is Marcia again. I found out that I can post pictures from Susan's Yahoo group onto here. I don't have time right now (headed to the pool with Ava), but I will post some this evening. The girls are so cute!

Here are the girls and their happy parents!


First diaper change

The above photos were all on day one, "gotcha day". The rest of them I'm going to try and put in the order Susan posted them in Yahoo.



Can you get any cuter than this???

Daddy is making them laugh

Mom and LilyKate

Happy Parents take a self portrait

Happy Family


  1. They are so adorable! Enjoy every minute and soak it all in. Being in country was the best as it was just us for awhile and no day to day life getting in the way :)

  2. Happy babies; happy parents; life is good! Thanks for the updates! Trena

  3. Beautiful babies, gorgeous family! Congratulations!

  4. Oh my gosh, they are beautiful and look so healthy. Just gorgeous, congratulations!
    Patty- RQ

  5. What a beautiful family! So very happy for you guys

  6. I so want those babies to be mine......even tho' I am 60 and have 3 big girls!!!!!! YOU ARE SO BLESSED.
    and you all look over the moon. God bless. So darn cute!!!

  7. Hello, I am not sure if I have posted a comment here yet, but I follow your blog thier Cheri & Shane's blog. I was excited to see the twins but I do have a question which I hope will be answered in a future blog. How do you tell them apart? They are so similar - even thier eyes how one is more wide than the other. I see thier hair line is a bit different, but I am amazed how identical they are! Do you ever have to do a double take??? the swimsuit picture is what makes me wonder LOL I know its a silly question, but I was just wondering thier differences and thought it might make a good future blog topic!

  8. that's so much cute it hurts!!

  9. serious cuteness overload!!!

    happy and safe travels!

  10. They are beautiful! They do look very relaxed and happy. Hope all is going well in China!

  11. So gorgeous! And you all look healthy and like you are getting sleep. Very excellent.

  12. Cuter and Cuter!!! Can't wait to see you settled in at home and hear all the details! Hope your flights went smoothly and that you are able to beat jet lag quickly!

  13. Can't wait to hear and see how things are going now. I know you're probably busy getting settled in, but if you get a change, update us. :)

  14. The smiles on everyone's face says it all and so much more!!! Awesome you guys! What a family!!!

  15. ohmygod theyre adorable! hopefully i will be in atlanta this christmas for a couple weeks staying at uncle freds so i will be able to see them! i cant wait!!