Two by Two

Just a few of the things we had to get in preparation for the girls. We had several baby showers and were blessed with lots of gift cards, so we were able to get the car seats we wanted (love that "cowmooflage" fabric), and the highchairs. The second highchair arrived about an hour ago, so we are all set when we come home. My sweet and generous parents got us the cribs, and the double stroller is from Lisa, Beverly and Minnie Lee. All we need now are our two baby girls to put it all to good use...we meet them 5 short days from today!


  1. LOVE THE COW CARSEATS!! How adorable! So fun to see everything in DOUBLE! :o) I'm so excited for you!

  2. The wonderful world of twins!!
    Double everything!
    Double the blessings!!!!!!!!!

  3. wow, cool pics and I am soooo excited for you!

  4. You forgot the freezer filled with meals ready to go. I don't think you'll have time for cooking when you get home.

    I can't wait to see pictures of those girls in your arms.

  5. The car seats look like a Chick-Fil-A. Love them!

    Have a safe and wonderful trip as you bring your double blessing home.

  6. Susan, I had to check in one last time before turning in for the night. This post brought me to tears... IT IS REAL we are going to China TOMORROW! Holy COW! Love the car seats by the way LOL...

    Riz and I could not be happier to call you friends and be experiencing this journey of a life time with you and J. We love you both and Love the girls to pieces already... See you in Chicago...

    Big Hugs
    Susan, Riz and Soon to be Sophia

  7. It's a bunch when you have two of this and that. Enjoy it, every second you can as kids grow up fast, but twins grow up faster! Can't wait to read about your travels.

  8. Love the car seats! So cool!
    Double everything! We can't wait - so excited for your forever day!

    Alyson LID 01/27/06