This week...

...has been a little rough for us - at least as far as sleeping. The girls seem to be adjusting so well to their life here, with one exception, they are not quite getting the sleeping thing down. Putting them to sleep is usually fairly easy, although there are times when they fight it, but keeping them asleep is a challenge most nights. After a couple of nights this week of us getting up countless times to comfort the girls, Tuesday night I decided to sleep on the floor in their room (which I have done before), hoping that would help - it didn't. Not only did they wake up just as often, but I got no sleep listening to them and anticipating their cries. The next day we were all tired and cranky. We have tried everything we can think of to no avail. They go down, sleep for an hour or so, and then the hourly wake-ups start. It's usually Eleanor, but LilyKate has been known to wake a time or two as well. They are teething, so I am sure that is part of it, but I think they are just still unsure of their surroundings and us. They usually finally stop around 1:00 or 2:00, when I am sure sheer exhaustion sets in. When we returned from China they slept in our room, but we moved them to their room, when it was clear that that our being right there did not make sleep any easier, and it made our getting good sleep impossible. On Wednesday night, they went down with a little fuss, but woke up once and then slept until 7:00 am! We thought it was a breakthrough, but last night found us up and down from about 10:00 to 1:00 again.   Then Eleanor was up at 5:30 and it was a struggle to get her back to sleep for another hour or so.

They nap twice during the day, which they definitely need, and usually sleep for about an hour to an hour and a half. I know it will get better, but it's hard to get through the day and do your best when you are sleep-deprived. We have their schedule down pretty well, including a nighttime routine of quiet time, bath, bottle and then bed. We are going to the pediatrician next Friday, so I will see if she has any helpful hints for getting them to stay asleep. Some nights we are up as many as ten times, others maybe 2 or 3.  I am thinking of getting a white noise machine, as I have heard that can help - anyone out there had success using one?  

Anyway, apart from sleeping (or not sleeping), the girls are just so darn cute and funny.  They make us laugh every day and we are so completely besotted with them! Besides Monday's photo extravaganza, it's been a light picture week, but here are a few to keep you all happy :)



This is how they looked yesterday morning after getting about nine straight hours of sleep. I think Eleanor is still sleepy...

Grandma Betty came for a visit last night. That's Eleanor with the green bow in her hair.


Monday photo shoot

There were so many cute ones, I had a hard time narrowing it down. Eleanor is on the left in the first five pictures and on the right in the last nine. The photos alone are Eleanor in the first two and LilyKate in the next two. They are getting so much more expressive and animated, it's a joy to watch.  The fish face seen in the first photo is new this week - love it, love them.


It's Friday again?

I am not sure where the time goes (well, I guess I have an inkling), but here we are at the end of another week! Time flies and I often lose track of what day of the week it is, but I am having such fun with LilyKate and Eleanor as we get to know each other better. Here are a few photos from the past few days, just cause I know that's all some of you really care about anyway (Mom and Dad). The girls amaze me with how well they are adapting and getting used to people, places and things that they have never seen before. I have mentioned how well they eat and we have yet to find something they don't like...well, yogurt is not a huge favorite, but everything else is devoured with gusto - from Thai Fried Rice to Hummus to Spaghetti Bolognese. They are so funny - they pound on their highchairs when they want more. I will try and get it on film and post it here. Have a wonderful weekend!

Looking cute in their car seats - Eleanor


LK Eating breakast

E loving her oatmeal

Okay, I may have put them this close, but they kissed on their own

Eleanor thinks it funny, but she thinks everything's funny

LK plants one on

They thought it was hilarious when I put this on their heads

What all the hip babies are wearing this season

Not easy catching LilyKate smiling on camera


More cuteness than anyone can stand

The pictures in the dresses were taken yesterday and the shots with the blue blanket were captured this afternoon. Eleanor likes having her picture taken and will look every time. LilyKate has to be coaxed to look up and is almost impossible to catch smiling. Getting both of them to look up and at the camera takes some work on my part. They are so funny and sweet - their expressions just kill me. I love hanging out with them and playing.




Reading together

Being silly

Eleanor laughing

LilyKate did not want that blanket on her head

Okay Mom, enough already

The camera loves her


This weekend

The girls and I spent Friday afternoon with Aunt Lisa, Uncle Michael and cousins Morgan, Jackie and Seth. We had a great time and the girls even took a short nap there, which made for a much more pleasant afternoon. We also had dinner that night with them all, along with Uncle Daniel, Aunt Shelby, and cousins Travis and Matthew.

On Saturday we took the girls out for breakfast, did some grocery shopping and that evening had a delicious dinner of grilled chicken and veggies. Gran and Joyce stopped by for a visit as well and the girls loved playing with them. They were really good in church again yesterday morning and we had a nice, relaxing day together. The weekends with Daddy home go by so fast and we miss him when he's at work.

Today is one month since Gotcha Day - wow, I can't believe we have had the girls for a month already! They bring us so much joy and are just blossoming before our eyes. We can't wait for what the next month together will bring.  We love you sweet baby girls!

Playing with Daddy

Hanging in one crib after their bath (E left, LK right)

Baby cousin Seth

Cousins Jackie and LilyKate, Morgan and Eleanor

Kinda fuzzy, but the girls have started giving kisses!

Playing with Gran, Joyce and Henry

Mom and her girls (E in pink, LK in purple)