It's Friday again?

I am not sure where the time goes (well, I guess I have an inkling), but here we are at the end of another week! Time flies and I often lose track of what day of the week it is, but I am having such fun with LilyKate and Eleanor as we get to know each other better. Here are a few photos from the past few days, just cause I know that's all some of you really care about anyway (Mom and Dad). The girls amaze me with how well they are adapting and getting used to people, places and things that they have never seen before. I have mentioned how well they eat and we have yet to find something they don't like...well, yogurt is not a huge favorite, but everything else is devoured with gusto - from Thai Fried Rice to Hummus to Spaghetti Bolognese. They are so funny - they pound on their highchairs when they want more. I will try and get it on film and post it here. Have a wonderful weekend!

Looking cute in their car seats - Eleanor


LK Eating breakast

E loving her oatmeal

Okay, I may have put them this close, but they kissed on their own

Eleanor thinks it funny, but she thinks everything's funny

LK plants one on

They thought it was hilarious when I put this on their heads

What all the hip babies are wearing this season

Not easy catching LilyKate smiling on camera


  1. I must quickly run out and get Ava a stuffed bear for her head...I don't want her to be out of fashion!

    Very cute pix!

  2. Funny Sophia has a stuffed dog she wears on her head LOL... Great pictures I love them and you guys....

  3. Susan and Jonathon,
    Eleanor and LilyKate are absolutely scrumptious!
    Love the stuffed doggy hat! Before you know it every baby will have to have one! Such little trend setters your beautiful girls are! Their little bottom teeth grins are just precious!

  4. how funny, our two have lambs they like to put on their heads.

    They are so adorable, their smiles really light their faces up big time :)

  5. Susan & Jonathan,
    They are adorable as well. We would love to have LK, E and W finally meet. Mike and I just wanted to give you some time. Let us know when a good time is for you and we are there! We miss you also. I know excatly how you feel when Friday is here. Let me know when you want some company as well I will be glad to come and help.

    Ashley & Mike

  6. Your girls are adorable but the pictures of them in the car seats show the straps at the wrong level. Britax seats require that the straps be at the closest slot above shoulder height when forward facing, not at the top slot.