This weekend

The girls and I spent Friday afternoon with Aunt Lisa, Uncle Michael and cousins Morgan, Jackie and Seth. We had a great time and the girls even took a short nap there, which made for a much more pleasant afternoon. We also had dinner that night with them all, along with Uncle Daniel, Aunt Shelby, and cousins Travis and Matthew.

On Saturday we took the girls out for breakfast, did some grocery shopping and that evening had a delicious dinner of grilled chicken and veggies. Gran and Joyce stopped by for a visit as well and the girls loved playing with them. They were really good in church again yesterday morning and we had a nice, relaxing day together. The weekends with Daddy home go by so fast and we miss him when he's at work.

Today is one month since Gotcha Day - wow, I can't believe we have had the girls for a month already! They bring us so much joy and are just blossoming before our eyes. We can't wait for what the next month together will bring.  We love you sweet baby girls!

Playing with Daddy

Hanging in one crib after their bath (E left, LK right)

Baby cousin Seth

Cousins Jackie and LilyKate, Morgan and Eleanor

Kinda fuzzy, but the girls have started giving kisses!

Playing with Gran, Joyce and Henry

Mom and her girls (E in pink, LK in purple)




  1. How fun! Beautiful family, they look sooo content

  2. LOVE all the new pics of the girls! They are just adorable!

    If you need a "home base" to feed, change or whatever for the girls when you are visiting the IAC let me know. We are about 10 minutes from it. My email is on my blog.

    Julie H

  3. Aside from how adorable they are, they also look like they've been part of your family forever.

    Doreen in Montreal Mom to Faith-Jiangxi & Mia-Sichuan

  4. Just adorable times two! Just so happy for you guys!

  5. OMG Susan I LOVE the picture of you with the girls... Beautiful

  6. Just beautiful! Cherish these moments with them so small and young- it goes by quickly. I look back at photos from just a little over a year ago when I took Ava home and I can hardly remember her that small. Have fun! Michele