Latest doings

We took the girls to Trader Joe's last week and the cashier gave them each a balloon. They LOVED them! When we got home, they wanted to keep them on, so here they are, watching their favorite Sesame Street DVD, still wearing their balloons!

Back at the park one evening, here's Eleanor on the swing, having fun.

And LilyKate too!

It was such a beautiful evening - the light was awesome. Here's Eleanor and Jonathan, aka Daddy.

Eleanor looking pensive.

Me and my girls. I love how their legs are in exactly the same, but opposite, position.  They are getting so big!

E was in the pack and play and LK came over to play with her.  They were talking and giggling and touching hands through the mesh.

Eleanor trying to cram an entire teething biscuit in her mouth.

LilyKate is so proud that she can drink out of a straw now.


Boats and swings, joy and sadness

Last weekend, we went to our friends, Billy and Julie's, house on the lake for a wonderful 40th birthday celebration for Billy. The weather was beautiful, we were surrounded by friends and family, and the girls had their first boat ride. They had a great time playing with their friends and cousins and were so tired out, they fell asleep the moment we pulled out of the driveway to leave.

Jonathan and I took the girls to the park a few days ago for what we think was their first experience on a swing. They were a little hesitant at first, but soon warmed up and loved it - as long as we didn't go too fast. We are having such a great time with them, sharing all these new things and watching them embrace each new experience with such joy and wonder.

On a very sad note, we lost a dear member of our church family last week in a tragic accident. We will miss our friend Jimmy, and our hearts, prayers and deepest sympathies go out to Karen, Diane, Carrie and Andy and all their family.

The girls loved their first boat ride

They didn't much care for the life jackets however

Just a little restricting, but necessary

Brooke helping Eleanor drink some water, with Daddy in the background with LK

Savannah, LK, Maddie and Logan

I love this shot of Savannah and Eleanor

Three gorgeous girls - Savannah, Eleanor and Lexi

Mommy and Eleanor have fun at the lake

LK is loving the swing

Eleanor loves it too!

Mommy and Eleanor

Daddy and LilyKate

Eleanor in her red shades

LilyKate is too cool for school and she knows it

LK hanging in her umbrella stroller

Eleanor doing the same


Bugs, bees and other stuff

I was in the girls' room last week, trying to reorganize their bookshelf.  They decided it would be fun to "help" me, and as fast as I put things away, they had them back out.  I haven't quite resigned myself to the fact that my life is just messier now, but I'm getting there.  They sure looked cute in the middle of it all though, and LilyKate thought it was a perfect time to kick back and read.

Before we knew their were two, my friend Melanie had a shower for me, and got us an awesome
Wheely Bee. My parents just got us another one, so now the girls have a bug and a bee. They can't move around yet by themselves, but they love sitting on them, being pushed back and forth, and playing with the antennae.

Eleanor has started making this squinty face when we take her picture - it's pretty darn funny and quite adorable.  I love the face and the little fist, like she's saying don't even think about messing with me.

LilyKate is Queen Bee.

There was a brief break in the hot, humid weather and I took the girls for a walk. There's that face again from Eleanor - she has it perfected now.

Another funny expression from E. She's got a million.

Sweet and just so lovely.


Bath time

Jonathan and I love giving the girls a bath at night. They splash and play and have a great time. When it's time to get out, we wrap them in a big, soft towel, carry them into their room, dry them off, rub on some lotion, put on fresh diapers and pajamas, and give them a bottle. Most nights, they drift off to sleep almost before the bottle is gone.  We love this special time together!

Eleanor loves her bath

LilyKate splashing up a storm

So beautiful (LK left, E right in next two)

We love these girls so much

But I don't want to get out (E)

That face (LK)


Daddy's home!

LilyKate and Eleanor always get so excited when they see their Daddy come through the door in the evening. It is the cutest thing in the world and I know it makes his whole day...how could it not?


What we've been doing

We had a busy and fun-filled weekend.  Saturday, we attended a wedding - our sister-in-law Shelby's sister - and the girls went with us.  It was outside (yes, August in Georgia = HOT), but everything was beautiful.  The girls did well, despite the heat and the challenge of being still...which is getting increasingly difficult for them as they do like to move.  They are still not crawling - they are doing everything but - and they are constantly getting themselves stuck in weird positions and not quite able to get out.  They get frustrated, but it won't be long until they can get unstuck without our help.  

On Sunday, we celebrated their 1st Birthday (which was July 1st, just a few days after we got back from China), hosted by Jonathan's cousin Andy and his sweet wife Lisa.  There were lots of friends and family there and the girls had their very first birthday cake.  LilyKate had no problem tearing right in, but Eleanor was a bit timid and I had to feed her a little before she really got into it.  They were so cute in their handmade cupcake dresses (not by me) and they took it all in...the singing, the cake, the presents, and all the attention.  We went in the swimming pool, which they absolutely love, and had a fabulous time. Unfortunately, our camera battery died and we only got a couple of pics, but I know other people were taking pictures, so I hope we can get copies.  I know, we're lame.

So far this week, we have been laying low, since it's so hot and muggy out.  I can't wait for some cooler weather so we can get the girls outside more.  We look at them every day in wonder and awe, that we have been blessed as their parents, and that our lives have changed so completely in the seven short weeks since we became a family - forever.  

LilyKate and her Daddy

LK got under the Entertainment Center

Eleanor looking at me from under the coffee table

They love to stand and hold onto this chair

Who, me? (E)

Silly Girl (LK)

Sweet, sweet girls

Smiling at Daddy

Our first wedding as a family of four - hot, but happy

Still gorgeous, even when hot and cranky (LK)

Baby gang signs (E, LK)

Do you know who's who?

About to blow out the candles (E in blue, LK in pink)

Laughing with Great Grandma Irene (LK)

Eleanor and her namesake and Great Aunt

Being silly before bathtime (E, LK)