Another week

I can't believe it has been a whole week since I last posted. As you can imagine, the girls keep me pretty busy during the weekdays and last weekend we had a birthday party on Saturday for our niece, and a baby shower on Sunday. The shower was actually for LilyKate and Eleanor, as we still had some family on Jonathan's side who wanted to give us one, and most had not met the girls yet. The girls did really well at both parties and seem to enjoy being out and socializing.

This week we have still been challenged by sleep, but I think that things are
slowly getting better. I appreciate all the comments and suggestions and most of all, the encouragement. Knowing that many people go through the same thing is very reassuring. We have also received quite a bit of advice from other parents, and it is often that we should let the babies cry it out. In all the research and reading I have done, this is not what you should do with adopted children. These kids have been through so much and have been removed from everything they have ever known. Their sense of comfort and security have been badly shaken and the last thing we want to do is make then feel scared, alone, or that Mommy and Daddy are not there for them. We have only been their parents for 6 weeks - that is such a short amount of time - they are still learning to trust us. I am not criticizing any one's parenting style and I understand circumstances may dictate different methods, but being there when they cry, patting their backs, holding them if necessary, is what we feel comfortable with and will continue to do. Last night they slept through the entire night and this has happened a few times in the past two weeks, so that is definitely improvement.

We went to the Pediatrician yesterday and she was very pleased with them. They are exactly where they should be as far as height and weight (they weigh 21 lbs. and are almost 30 inches long). They had to have three shots, which they hated, but despite that, they were their usual sweet and happy selves as soon as we left the office. They are moving along great developmentally and are getting very close to crawling, They can push up on their hands and knees and rock back and forth, so it won't be long. They also scoot around on their bottoms and LK can turn in circles. They are starting to get into everything and like to be busy. They can clap their hands, wave bye-bye and babble constantly. They say Mama, Dada and Baba. They love Sesame Street and Teletubbies, and any time they hear music they start rocking and swaying (especially cute in the grocery store).

So, now for some pictures!  It's getting harder and harder to catch them both looking at the camera and being still, but oh my goodness people, these babies are a joy to behold!

Happy LilyKate just woke up.

Oh, if only I looked as pretty as Eleanor first thing in the morning

She even looks cute with pajama pants on her head.

LilyKate loved when I did this to her. She kept on them on for several minutes.

Both the girls love when we put sunglasses on them and for some reason, tilt their heads back when we do it.

Eleanor was not in the mood to model her glasses and this is one of the only ones I got where she wasn't pulling them right back off.

Wait a second, let me see you in those...

I guess we do look pretty cool in these.

Here, try mine and I'll try yours.

Hand 'em over sister.

Wait, what just happened?

Ha, my plan worked. If one pair is cool two is even better.

This game bores me anyway, what's in this basket?

I walked in the room and the girls were just sitting like this playing.

We're adorable - we know it.

Our mommy can't stop taking pictures.


  1. I've been following your blog since your referral, but this is my first comment. Your girls are so adorable! I had to comment today because they are the same size my daughter was at her first check-up in the states. Just looking at them makes me remember those sweet days last year. Take my word, it only gets sweeter!

  2. Hi Susan,
    It's been ages since I commented. Sorry. We've been out of town a lot, but I've still been following along.

    Your girls are just gorgeous. It looks like you're all adapting well. I'm so impressed by their size.

  3. You are totally right about comforting them. It wont last forver. They will sleep great very soon. Think about what they must have done when they were newborns! Both up every 2-3 hours to eat for weeks and weeks with no break. They are such sweet little beauties and look very happy. You seem to be doing a great job with yoru daughters. Keep it up!

  4. Your daughters are gorgeous! Don't worry about the sleeping advice and just continue to follow your instincts. I'm also the mom of adopted twins (domestic)and I always try to look at what the priority of the moment is. Right now it sounds like your priority is to promote trust and offer comfort. So, clearly, going to your children when they cry is the right the thing to do.
    The whole cry it out thing won't even work until a baby is at least 6-8 months old, and if you look at your daughters as newborns (as your relationship is, even if they are older than that chronologically!) you don't even need to think of these things for many many more months.
    Twins aren't like any single baby and adopted babies aren't like biologically born to you babies. When you put those things together you end up parenting by your gut and with what works for you -- and it sounds like you're getting very good at that!
    Tracy R.


    Doreen in Montreal Mom to Faith-Jiangxi&Mia-Sichuan

  6. I second the last commenter. Too cute!

  7. Trust your instinct on crying it out. They need to know you are there...just make going in to them short, sweet, and quick. We had many people telling us to let them cry it out as well and I just knew it was not a good idea for them. Since my last comment we are sleeping through the night...hoping our girls level out way before their second birthday. It was like the twins' birthday gift to me on their birthday and I love it!

    They are absolutely adorable, the sunglasses are so fun. You'll find as they get older, they will sit just as close to each other. Adopting twins is amazing, I have to think tht it's a tad bit easier for them as they still have each other right there with them.

    Twins are work in one respect but so fun to observe in another. Enjoy every minute you can as it will fly by like you won't believe!

  8. Your daughters are so adorable! As an adoptive mother of 1 (since 2004) I can tell you that you are right on where the sleeping issues are concerned. Go with what you feel. People will try to tell you that it is ok for them to cry it out and as you have researched it is not the way to go with adopted children. You are doing a great job and the children are thriving! Congratulations!

  9. They get cuter every week!! Although I haven't been in your situation, I'm following to pick up tips and I agree with avoiding the cry-it-out method. Everything I've read recommends the white noise machine, so I'm shopping for one today!

    Hang in there! Love the sunglass photos!!


  10. Don't worry about the sleep thing, it took us a year and a half to stop having 4 to 8 wake-ups a night (she was 11 months when we came home from Jiangxi). Hang in there.

  11. I miss them so much.. Kiss them for me will ya?

  12. I love the pictures. Especially the one when they are looking at each other in the sunglasses. Too Cute!

  13. Susan & Jonathan...they are SOOOOO adorable!! Keep the pictures coming because they sure do put a smile on everyone's face!! :)

  14. I swear I do not know HOW you manage to get so many of E and LK together, looking in the same direction, and adorable. They are fantastic! You are like a magician. There is just No. Way. I could do it with my twins!

    I agree with you on the sleep thing being different for adopted kids and I wish you luck in figuring out what works for all of you.

  15. They are so cute!! Keep taking those pictures!!

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