Bath time

Jonathan and I love giving the girls a bath at night. They splash and play and have a great time. When it's time to get out, we wrap them in a big, soft towel, carry them into their room, dry them off, rub on some lotion, put on fresh diapers and pajamas, and give them a bottle. Most nights, they drift off to sleep almost before the bottle is gone.  We love this special time together!

Eleanor loves her bath

LilyKate splashing up a storm

So beautiful (LK left, E right in next two)

We love these girls so much

But I don't want to get out (E)

That face (LK)


  1. precious and we are sharing a brain again I just took pictures of Sophia in the bath this morning.. I was going to post them this weekend.

  2. isnt it funny that there are two schools of thought. one side says baths calm babies and help them prepare for sleep. and the other side says that baths wake up and invigorate babies. i am one of the former, my m-i-l belongs to the second. these babies are absolutely too cute for words. blessings, to you. mrs.k.

  3. Desde España, enviaros un saludo.
    Felicidades preciosas bebes.