Bugs, bees and other stuff

I was in the girls' room last week, trying to reorganize their bookshelf.  They decided it would be fun to "help" me, and as fast as I put things away, they had them back out.  I haven't quite resigned myself to the fact that my life is just messier now, but I'm getting there.  They sure looked cute in the middle of it all though, and LilyKate thought it was a perfect time to kick back and read.

Before we knew their were two, my friend Melanie had a shower for me, and got us an awesome
Wheely Bee. My parents just got us another one, so now the girls have a bug and a bee. They can't move around yet by themselves, but they love sitting on them, being pushed back and forth, and playing with the antennae.

Eleanor has started making this squinty face when we take her picture - it's pretty darn funny and quite adorable.  I love the face and the little fist, like she's saying don't even think about messing with me.

LilyKate is Queen Bee.

There was a brief break in the hot, humid weather and I took the girls for a walk. There's that face again from Eleanor - she has it perfected now.

Another funny expression from E. She's got a million.

Sweet and just so lovely.


  1. They are just too cute. I know you are in heaven.

  2. Hi, found your blog from another blog - your daughters are sooo adorable! Love the facial expressions and those cheeks! Wendy

  3. They are just soooo cute. That little face and fist, priceless.

    I found your blog through someone else and until I embark on the adoption journey, I just have to read about others.

    thank you for sharing.

  4. I love them on their bugs...too cute.

    BTW, give up on the bookshelf. The only way it will stay neat and organized is if they don't read the books! That is how it is in my house anyway.

  5. So cute! They are adorable! I hope we get twins!!

    Thanks for visiting our blog.

    Alyson LID 01/27/06

  6. Susan and Jonathon,
    OMG! Talk about bundles of baby goodness! Eleanor and LilyKate are so cute! We have a Wheely Bug for Kaelin Bing, too! I enjoy your blog so much! Thank you for sharing the "adventures" of your precious girls!

  7. Your girlies are just too cute!!!!

    Doreen in Montreal Mom to Faith & Mia-Sichuan

  8. Lovely is the word for both girls... Loveing the updates on the beauties

  9. Hi there...you have lovely twins. It's a lot of fun, isn't it? We adopted our Chinese twins 20 months ago on Nov6,2006. They are now two weeks shy of 3-yrs old.

    Looks like you all have a ton of fun and love in your house. Good for you....It only gets easier, believe....so much easier and even more fun. :)