Latest doings

We took the girls to Trader Joe's last week and the cashier gave them each a balloon. They LOVED them! When we got home, they wanted to keep them on, so here they are, watching their favorite Sesame Street DVD, still wearing their balloons!

Back at the park one evening, here's Eleanor on the swing, having fun.

And LilyKate too!

It was such a beautiful evening - the light was awesome. Here's Eleanor and Jonathan, aka Daddy.

Eleanor looking pensive.

Me and my girls. I love how their legs are in exactly the same, but opposite, position.  They are getting so big!

E was in the pack and play and LK came over to play with her.  They were talking and giggling and touching hands through the mesh.

Eleanor trying to cram an entire teething biscuit in her mouth.

LilyKate is so proud that she can drink out of a straw now.


  1. Sounds like you guys are doing awesome. Great pics and i love Trader Joes!

  2. The girls are getting so big. And as always, they're just as cute as can be.

  3. Sweetness x's 2!!! I love the picture of them touching hands through the mesh...darling!!! These are the days, Susan....these are the days.



  4. Your girls look so happy!

    Love the picture of the girls touching hands. Our girls still do that on their mesh gate. They entertain themselves forever giggling and talking while pushing against each others hands. You can't help but smile every time.


  5. Seriously, they are so very cute! They look like they would be good snuggle puppies!


  6. The girls seem so much alike and it's obvious how much they love each other. And it's also very apparent that they are already so much in love with their mommy & daddy!!! We're so happy for all four of you!

    Thanks for sharing all the pictures, they are all so adorable!

  7. they are so big! and so adorable (as always). thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi! I recently came across your blog and have loved reading about your little girls - they are unbelievably adorable. Every time I visit I end up showing my husband your photos and asking him if we're sure about saying "no" to the possibility of twins (we're also in the process of adopting from China). I'm incredibly happy for you and your husband and your beautiful new family!

  9. We love the new pics and love the updated blog name! Your girls always look so happy and mischievious. Love it!

    Thanks so much for giving us a glimpse of your new lives together.

    Kind regards from Miami,

  10. Beautiful light, indeed, as if there could be any improvement on their photogenic traits.