Happy Girls

We are having so much fun with the girls lately.  Their personalities continue to emerge, as well as their independence and sense of fun and adventure.  The weather is starting to cool a little, and that makes it so much more pleasant to go outside and take walks, or hang at the park. They love being out and about, although they are not crazy about shopping - at least if it means stopping in one place for any length of time.  They are on the move all the time and I think walking is just around the corner.  They are such happy and content girls and we are truly blessed by their presence in our lives.  Yesterday marks three months since we were handed these beautiful babies and we are amazed by how much they have grown and changed since Gotcha Day.

We had professional pictures taken over the weekend.  The girls were remarkably cooperative and looked so sweet in their Christening and Birthday outfits...Jonathan and I were both teary-eyed more than once watching them.  I am going next week to look over the proofs and can't wait to see how they turned out.

Every weekend has been busy busy, and this coming one is no exception.  On Saturday we are celebrating our nephew, Matthew, who turns four.  On Sunday the girls are being baptised and we are having a brunch after church for family and friends.  I look at the calendar for weeks and months ahead and see how busy we will continue to be, as we approach the holiday season - our first with LilyKate and Eleanor. We can't wait!

LilyKate Xinling - 14 months old
September 16, 2008

Eleanor Mary Xinlong - 14 months old
September 16, 2008

They love to give kisses

Who me?

LK does a little reading

As you can see, her taste is very advanced

Apparently she's into Art History like her Mom

Eleanor, you really should read this one

Looking for their buddy Henry

Getting ready to watch their favorite movie*

We could get closer, but this works too

Daddy's home and we love when he does this

Eleanor laughs like crazy 

So happy

LK laughs it up

Could this be any more fun?

Mommy makes me laugh too

*Let's Make Music - Sesame Street meets Stomp


  1. They are looking so beautiful and so happy.

  2. I have been dieing for an update LOL it is so much harder with little ones around to get to the blog and update isn't it. I guess we are all just having a blast being parents. The girls are growing and are even more beautiful each time you post. We can't wait to see them again in person....

    much love

  3. what beautiful, fun sweet girls

  4. Susan & Jonathan,

    LilyKate & Eleanor are two of the most BEAUTIFUL babies I have ever seen and I LOVE reading your updates and seeing new pictures!!


  5. So cute! I just want to squeeze their cheeks, right through the computer screen! :)

  6. My goodness! Look at all those teeth. I LOVE the pics of Jonathan throwing the girls up in the air. So funny!

  7. I remember this age well. It was such a lovely age......enjoy every day. You are indeed blessed with these sweet precious girls.