Fall has arrived

I know technically it arrived a couple of week ago, but yesterday felt like Fall for the first time.  It was a beautiful, sunny and breezy day, in the mid-60's...perfect weather for our annual barbecue...the girls' first!  It is one of my favorite church events and the best part is Friday night when the stew is started.  Everyone gathers to help make, and then stir, the eight big pots of stew and just enjoy being together.  Several people stay up all night tending the stew and the hams and then everyone goes back on Saturday morning to set up for the day of serving and selling our delicious barbecue, Brunswick stew and all the fixings.  I love Barbecue weekend!

Eleanor, Susan, Jonathan and LilyKate - Friday night at the Mt. Zion UMC BBQ

Eleanor and LilyKate hanging out in their stroller at the BBQ on Saturday

We were worried that the weather would not be on our side, as it rained all day Friday, but it cleared up in time for the big day. Of course, we had plans to take the girls to a pumpkin patch on Friday, but the rain never really let up and we ended up doing some shopping and errands instead.

The girls looked so cute in their Halloween shirts, but the only picture we got was in the parking lot of Dick's Sporting Goods - not the best place for a photo op!  I was trying to make the best of the day, so I was snapping photos in the car all afternoon.

I love this sweet face...

and this one...

...and this one too!

With the cooler temps it was finally time to break out the footie pajamas. The girls were so cute and cozy in their pj's - we couldn't resist a few photos before bedtime.

Eleanor and LilyKate - our sweet, happy girls.

They like sitting in the rocking chair.

We love it when they give each other kisses.

Just so beautiful.

Another thing that has changed, beside the season, is the look of our blog. Thanks to the work of the talented Danielle, we have a beautiful new design for our site - I love how sweet and girly it looks!  I highly recommend her services, if you are in the market for a blog makeover.  Her prices are very reasonable and she is a pleasure to work with...thanks again Danielle! 


  1. Susan,

    First...LOVE your new look...is Danielle not the best???

    Fall does bring with it it's certain delights...not the least of which is the sweet little footie pajamas....Eleanor and LilyKate look so snuggly!!!!

    It looks like you all are settling in to life as a family of four so nicely...lovely!!!

    God bless your sweet family!!!


  2. Thanks for writing a little something about me! I appreciate it.

    Those Halloween outfits are ADORABLE! Your girls are just too cute. I have to say I really love how cute and girly the blog is now :)

    I had fun working with you! Enjoy the new look!


  3. LOVE the new look..
    LOVE the girls sweet little smiles..
    I know you are smiling all the time..
    Double the LOVE....
    Love their hair.. how fun you can do both things.. one pony straight up and then piggies.. .
    So glad you had sooo much fun..
    Love the family picture.
    Have a Great Week..

  4. Great new look! Those b & w hallo'n pants are just too cute for words. We're quite jealous at the moment of your cool fall weather. We're still sweating it out in so. fla., and will continue to do so for a very long time.

    Happy fall and with kind regards,

    Carol and Taylor

  5. STOP THE MADNESS! I can't take how cute they are!!!!
    Your blog update looks good.

    Doreen in Montreal single mom to Faith-Jiangxi & Mia-Sichuan

  6. Danielle did a great job! love your blog!!

    Those two little ones are adorable. Love the cheeky smiles! You must have some fun at your house!



  7. The blog looks great! The girls are so beautiful. Eye candy for sure. :) Can't wait to meet them in person someday.