Family Fun Night

Last night was our church's Family Fun Night, where the kids go trick-or-treating to all the Sunday School classrooms, we have our annual Chili Cook-off, a costume parade, a donut-eating contest and, of course, eat lots of tasty treats. I have been in charge of putting the evening together for the past few years and it's just a great evening. Jonathan has been the master of ceremonies for the past two years and this year hosted as Elvis. Let's see if you can guess who I was from the pictures below. 

We dressed the girls as black and white puppies and I am not quite sure what they thought of all the costumes, but they did have a great time at the party. They kept looking at me in that blond wig, but weren't bothered by it and knew right away that I was Mama. Since people have a hard time telling the girls apart, we try to always have LilyKate in something pink to help them out, so I added some bows on their ears at the last minute, since their costumes were identical. 

Our church family is just amazing. Everyone pitches in and works together in the most incredible way, and best of all, we enjoy each other's company. Jonathan and I were both so busy, we didn't take a lot of pictures, but we did manage to snap a few throughout the night.

Aunt Lisa and Kelley with adorable puppies, E and LK

Funny Family Portrait

Gran has her hands full.

Grandma and Aunt Eleanor hanging out with the girls...notice the costumes are off!

Eleanor and Mommy take a break.

I think LilyKate walked for the entire two+ hours.  
She is an old pro now!

On the walking front, Eleanor walked for a long time this morning holding onto to just one of my fingers.  She is ready to go it alone, but doesn't quite believe she can do it.  I predict another day or two will have her toddling right along with her sister.  Watch out world!


  1. First i have to say J makes a great Elvis and the girls looked adorable as always... You look great as a platinum blond by the way I am guessing Marlyn Monroe?

  2. Ding ding.. you guessed it! I did the low key MM, cause the sexy version wasn't really right for a church function.

    J was going for young Elvis, but the glasses and sideburns were later Elvis I think, so he was kind of a hybrid LOL.

  3. I knew someone would already have guessed...
    LOVE the pictures...
    The girls are tooo cute..
    Watch out world?????? LOL
    Watch out Mommy and Daddy.. you wil be running your tails off..
    Have a Great Week...

  4. Great pix....the girls were adorable! I can't believe that Halloween isn't until Friday. This is like the holiday that wouldn't end!

  5. Your girls are just beautiful, and their smiles are just contagious. Have a very blessed week.

    Love and blessings, Kristy

  6. your tagged...blame magi

  7. I just stumbled onto your blog! You have a beautiful family - your girls are adorable. We don't have twins, but my daughters four closest friends are two sets of twins, all adopted from Jiangxi Province. It was fun seeing some younger ones again, as it brought back memories. All of our girls begin kindergarten next year. Time sure flies...