LilyKate (aka L to the K) models some hats

During the long wait for our referral, one of the things I did to keep busy was shop - a lot. I have stuff tucked away in closets and drawers that I am still pulling out, and because we didn't know what age we would be referred, I bought stuff in sizes ranging from 9 months to 2T. I came across a bag of hats the other day and LilyKate was feeling cooperative, so we tried on several of the hats to see if they would work. Here is just a sampling of what we tried on...

This one's okay Mom, cute pumpkin, but I think we can do better.

Ooh, this one is cute and kinda flapperesque.

I like the color of this one, but the style is not working for me.

Yes!!  This is the one mom, I love it!


  1. OMW...
    Those are sooo CUTE..
    I need to start getting some hats...
    Especially the crocheted ones..
    Love that smile..
    Have a Great Evening..

  2. Those are all so cute and she wears them so well!!

    My favorite is the second one!!

  3. All darling on L to the K!!! Flapperesque...learned a new word...great!!! LOVE it!!


  4. Too Precious!! What happy lil' babes!!
    I am so happy for you guys!!!! They are finally here!! We still say that about Emily Grace....she is finally here!!!

  5. Your daughters are absolutely beautiful! I came across your blog through the designs by Danielle site. They are gorgeous! My two daughers (Isabella and Magdalena) are adopted from Guatemala.

  6. Photos are just too cute. Love the flapperesque photo.

  7. Ok, I'm about to poke my eyeballs out. THAT IS SO CUTE!!!!! How fun.

  8. Two beautiful little daughters! They make cute puppies two.

    Just stopping by for a friendly hello.

    Enjoy Halloween.

    Hugs from NJ