LilyKate and Eleanor go to the Zoo

Saturday was a beautiful day and we took the girls for their very first visit to the zoo. I think they mostly just enjoyed being outside, but they were interested and intrigued by everything they saw. The fresh air and activity were great and once we left, they were asleep in their car seats in less than five minutes.

Eleanor is in blue and LilyKate's wearing pink.  Right as we were walking in, some guy asked about them being twins and if Eleanor was a boy....I'm all, dude, she has a BOW in her hair (not to mention a dress on)...people are funny. 

Daddy and his girls on the way into the zoo

The girls were very interested in some of the animals...like the ones below

They were also fascinated by this guy.

What is that?

This gorilla was fun to watch.

Okay LilyKate, you have the map...what's next?

Orangutans are always entertaining.

Next stop, the Giant Pandas...not much activity here.  

Then we stopped for a quick snack.

Bananas are not just for monkeys.

Happy girls waiting for their first train ride.

Sitting with Mommy before the train left the station.

We love the zoo!


  1. Looks like they had so much fun!

    I can't wait till our little one is home so we can enjoy the zoo again (ours enjoy the zoo, but there's just something special about taking young ones).

    They're too cute! Love their smiles in the pics where they're waiting to ride the train.

  2. OK first my favorite is the last picture you three look beautiful.

    We get the "Boy" comment all the time. This weekend twice once at Picture People and once at Publix she was even called Jr. and she too had one dress. What is up with that?