Thursday morning with the girls

Eleanor wants up...she's saying Mama Mama.

I have been trying to post video of this, but keep having technical difficulties. LilyKate started walking a couple of weeks ago! Here she is in action.  

Eleanor isn't there yet, but she can get where she needs to be on all fours.

The world stops for Sesame Street.

Is there anything cuter than chubby baby legs?

Playing peekaboo.

The looks I get when I tell them no.

We ❤ Elmo!


  1. Your girls are so cute! And chunky little baby legs are the best!

  2. They are absolutely adorable!!!! And no...there is nothing cuter than chunky baby legs!

  3. What totally gorgeous photos... love 'em... gives me that little bit of hope knowing that my turn is just around the corner... take care

  4. Your world is about change even more. Wait until they figure out how to turn the TV on and off and work the DVD player.

    Every time I see new photos of them I want to pinch their cheeks. Now it's their little legs. Too cute:)

  5. Yes, the world does stop when Elmo is on the TV...atleast it does here in our house!! LOL

    LOVE the pictures!!

  6. Those two girls are PURE CUTENESS...
    Have a Great Weekend...

  7. Walking? Uh Oh, here comes trouble! :) I especially love the look on Eleanor's face in the "No" picture. Priceless!

  8. LilyKate and Eleanor are sooooo cute! Love the chubby legs and cheeks - you must be kissing, hugging, and squeezing your precious girls non-stop! Does Eleanor notice that LilyKate is moving differently? Blessings, Wendy

  9. Those two crack me up! You must have many laughs during the day. They are just beautiful!!

    Lori H