On this first Thanksgiving with our girls, we want to wish everyone a wonderful, happy and peaceful day...may you be surrounded by people you love.  We certainly will, so for that, and so much more, we are grateful.


So big

They are growing so fast! They are both walking and getting into everything, but so much fun...they are just the most amazing, funny, and joyful little people. These pics were taken a few nights ago when we went out for Thai food.

Okay, where's my food?

Sweet Eleanor


Our girls


A few new photos...

Nothing exciting to report, as we have been pretty low-key for the last week or so...just a few new pics to keep everyone happy!

LilyKate close-up

Eleanor's favorite new face

And her serious look 

LilyKate playing peekaboo with Daddy before bed

Eleanor loves when we do this with her shirt


Just an ordinary day

Most days the girls and I don't do a whole lot of anything.  We get up and have breakfast, watch Sesame Street and then get dressed.  Sometimes we have errands to run later in the morning, and the girls usually fall asleep on the way home.  If we are home, we have lunch around 12:00 and then they go down for their nap. After their nap we play a little, or watch a DVD (Sesame Street or Baby Einstein) and then head out for the grocery store, or Target, maybe a visit to Grandma and Grandpa, or a walk if it's a nice day.  We have an afternoon snack and play some more before dinner. Daddy usually comes home while the girls are having their dinner and afterwards they play with one or both of us until bath time.  Then, we do bath, books, bottles and bed.  After kisses and hugs all around, we lay the girls down in their cribs, say night night and we're gone.  They rarely cry or fuss at bedtime anymore and are usually out within a few minutes.  

I took these pictures today, after getting them dressed and ready for the day.  I am constantly taken aback by them...wow, they just knock me out with their beauty.  They are getting more and more inquisitive and adventurous every day.  We have re-arranged the family room and taken out some furniture and made it even more kid-friendly. We are also talking about converting a spare room into a playroom and we definitely need it. These girls are into everything.  We wouldn't have 'em any other way!

Eleanor is cute and she knows it.

LilyKate in a pensive moment.

These two mean business.

E shows her latest funny face and LK is slightly amused.

L to the K

Easy E

I love this pose!

This is how they like to watch TV now - sitting on pillows.



Sorry for the prolonged absence, but it's been a rough week or so around our house. LilyKate, Eleanor and I all started feeling rotten on Wednesday or Thursday of last week and it lasted until this weekend, but I think we are finally back to normal - almost. We had terrible colds and coughs and Jonathan was out of town last weekend, so we had to muddle through on our own.  It's tough taking care of two sick little babies when all you want to do is go and lay down somewhere yourself, but we got through it somehow.  All the progress we made in the sleep department went out the window and we had night after night of waking up and crying and just wanting to be held (that includes me too LOL). Despite feeling bad, Eleanor started taking her first steps solo on Halloween night. She is still not 100% confident and prefers to walk holding onto some one's finger, but she is standing on her own, pushing herself up from sitting and taking steps towards Mommy and Daddy.  She will be off and running any day now. Jonathan took the photo below this morning, as we were getting the girls ready for church, and they are pretty much back to their sweet and happy selves.  Hopefully this week we can get some new photos and my posts will be back to normal.  Gee, are we glad that week is behind us!