Just an ordinary day

Most days the girls and I don't do a whole lot of anything.  We get up and have breakfast, watch Sesame Street and then get dressed.  Sometimes we have errands to run later in the morning, and the girls usually fall asleep on the way home.  If we are home, we have lunch around 12:00 and then they go down for their nap. After their nap we play a little, or watch a DVD (Sesame Street or Baby Einstein) and then head out for the grocery store, or Target, maybe a visit to Grandma and Grandpa, or a walk if it's a nice day.  We have an afternoon snack and play some more before dinner. Daddy usually comes home while the girls are having their dinner and afterwards they play with one or both of us until bath time.  Then, we do bath, books, bottles and bed.  After kisses and hugs all around, we lay the girls down in their cribs, say night night and we're gone.  They rarely cry or fuss at bedtime anymore and are usually out within a few minutes.  

I took these pictures today, after getting them dressed and ready for the day.  I am constantly taken aback by them...wow, they just knock me out with their beauty.  They are getting more and more inquisitive and adventurous every day.  We have re-arranged the family room and taken out some furniture and made it even more kid-friendly. We are also talking about converting a spare room into a playroom and we definitely need it. These girls are into everything.  We wouldn't have 'em any other way!

Eleanor is cute and she knows it.

LilyKate in a pensive moment.

These two mean business.

E shows her latest funny face and LK is slightly amused.

L to the K

Easy E

I love this pose!

This is how they like to watch TV now - sitting on pillows.


  1. The girls are sooooo BEAUTIFUL...
    I just love looking at them..
    Love thier little outfits..
    Have a Great Week..

  2. Susan the girls are getting so big. I miss them so much. Give them each a squeeze and a kiss from me. Aww I just miss them....

  3. Love the pigtails. So cute!

  4. too cute...love the pigtails!

  5. they really are beautiful and its obvious that you are having a good time with them

  6. They are soooo beautiful - love, love those cheeks and big smiles. You must spend most of your day hugging and kissing them!

  7. Wouldn't you rather sit on a pillow, too? They are just adorable, and I love their tights.

  8. Eleanor and Lily Kate are so beautiful and I absolutely love the stockings, they are too cute!!! I just know you have your hands full!!! But a "Good" full!!

    Love and blessings, Kristy

  9. Love the pigtails and sitting on the pillows. they are just too cute.

  10. They are so beautiful! Adorable! Agree, way too cute!!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy
    Forever Family Day 09/16/08

  11. Hi since Córdoba (Spain), your girls are really beautiful. From time to time I see your blogs, I love it, your pictures are really nice.

    You are a very luky person.


  12. Simply precious!! Your day just sounds divine! There is nothing better than spending the whole day with giggling babies. :-)
    Enjoy your blessings,