Sorry for the prolonged absence, but it's been a rough week or so around our house. LilyKate, Eleanor and I all started feeling rotten on Wednesday or Thursday of last week and it lasted until this weekend, but I think we are finally back to normal - almost. We had terrible colds and coughs and Jonathan was out of town last weekend, so we had to muddle through on our own.  It's tough taking care of two sick little babies when all you want to do is go and lay down somewhere yourself, but we got through it somehow.  All the progress we made in the sleep department went out the window and we had night after night of waking up and crying and just wanting to be held (that includes me too LOL). Despite feeling bad, Eleanor started taking her first steps solo on Halloween night. She is still not 100% confident and prefers to walk holding onto some one's finger, but she is standing on her own, pushing herself up from sitting and taking steps towards Mommy and Daddy.  She will be off and running any day now. Jonathan took the photo below this morning, as we were getting the girls ready for church, and they are pretty much back to their sweet and happy selves.  Hopefully this week we can get some new photos and my posts will be back to normal.  Gee, are we glad that week is behind us!


  1. Sick or not, they just keep getting cuter! Hope you feel well soon!

  2. Glad you're feeling better. I missed your girls!!!!!!

    Doreen in Montreal single mom to Faith-Jiangxi & Mia-Sichuan

  3. Sorry to hear that you were all sick..
    Love the picture of the girls..
    They are sooooo cute..
    LOVE those big ole smiles..
    Have a Great Week..

  4. I hope you keep feeling better and better! I just LOVE this photo!!!

  5. Oh my gosh!!! I have that same thing. I kept thinking...what would I do if I had a sick baby with me right now? I feel for you girl. So glad that you are feeling better.

  6. Glad you are all better. They are so adorable, they look so strong sitting up; beginning to have "toddler confidence"!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy
    LID 01/27/06