Christmas as a family of four

What can I say other than it was as wonderful as we imagined all those years we were waiting, hoping and praying for a family...even more so now that we have our daughters and have grown to know and love them more than we thought possible. They didn't really get the whole Christmas thing, but they sure liked being with everyone, getting many hugs and kisses, and playing with all their great new toys. Our main gift to them were two comfy, pink chairs with their names on them and they LOVED them. They sat happily in those chairs for about an hour as we handed them their presents on Christmas morning - it was so cute to watch. I don't know how many times we looked at each other and just marveled at how blessed we are with these two beautiful girls - our girls. We spent Christmas Eve with Jonathan's side of the family and Christmas Day with mine; it was a very Merry Christmas and one we will always cherish as our first as a family of four.

Grandpa and LilyKate after our church's Christmas Cantata.

Grandma and Eleanor share a cookie.

Okay, we still aren't happy about this Santa guy.

Daddy and Mommy climbed in the sleigh too, but it didn't help much.


Aunt Lisa and baby Seth opening gifts.

Jackie's ready for her presents.

Travis looks up from his video game long enough for me to snap this.

Aunt Shelby and Matthew.

Eleanor introduces Grover to a friendly bear.

LilyKate kissed her new Elmo all night.

Matthew is happy with his new Transformers!

The girls went missing for a few minutes and were discovered playing in the trash...eggnog makes pretty good fingerpaint!

Aunt Eleanor and little E share a toy.

Our tree on Christmas Eve.


Daddy and his girls on Christmas morning.

Eleanor is happy and ready to see what Santa brought.

LilyKate says let's go Mommy, there are gifts to open!

Sitting in their new chairs and opening presents.

Cool puzzle!

LilyKate checking out her stocking.

Stocking loot!

Mommy tickling LilyKate.

Daddy and his easy E.

Uncle Sean and baby Joey.

Cousin Jack shows off his cool new Transformers.

Daddy and LilyKate share a laugh.

Our beautiful daughters in their Christmas dresses.

How we love these sweet faces!

LilyKate and Eleanor with cousins Jack and Joey.

Now a family of four.


  1. Merry Christmas...
    Looks like an AMAZING Day...
    Love all the photos..
    The girls dress's are tooo cute...
    Have a Happy New Year....
    Love their chairs...

  2. I remember that first Christmas! It will only get better each year!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Looks like a perfect Christmas.

  4. Gorgeous Family! Love the pics!

  5. How gorgeous... I dream of the day when I can say a 'family of 3' at Christmas (2009)... hugs to you all...

  6. I know it was everything you have been dreaming about. The four of you looks so happy. Just a beautful day...

  7. Great pictures!
    Looks like it was an awesome First Christmas for y'all!!
    P.S. Steven never liked getting close to Santa!!

  8. Merry Christmas! The pictures look great!

  9. Wow! It is hard to imagine life without them now. You guys make a beautful family.

  10. What a lovely family!! Merry Christmas!

  11. Thank you for those pretty pictures of your princesses.

    This was our first Christmas too with our little Victoire (Jiangsu) and it was a very beautiful day.

    Happy new Year to your familly.

    Severine from south France, mother of Victoire since 2 monthes...

  12. What awesome pictures of a wonderful Christmas - your girls look great!

    Happy New Year to you guys!

    -Gigi, Mark and Stephanie

  13. Hello...I happen to run across ur page from linking through others. What got me here was through a story that I read on The Today's Show about a couple who lost their 3 beautiful kids to a wreckless drunk driver. They have now adopted 2 beautiful twin girls from China. U might know who I'm talking about...=) I just LOVED ur site and seeing ur twins. I've looked at a bunch of blogs and read all the wonderful stories that come along w/that site. However ur site brought tears of joy to my face. Ur girls look sooooo incredibly happy. I too have 2 daughters of my own. Being able to see this new window of possibilities gives me a heart warming feeling that I can not even begin to describe. Thanks to all of you who dare to share a piece of their lives on these sites. It's truly inspirational! I wish you and ur family all the best in the years to come. The girls are just lovely. Hold them near as I will hold mines near. =)

  14. The girls look extra beautiful in their Christmas dresses! Glad you all had a wonderful Christmas!