Sick again

The girls have been sick again this week and are still not over this terrible cold. Jonathan and I both have minor cases, but I think if we don't start getting some decent sleep, it might be awhile before we are all back to normal. I am frustrated that they are sick again, since we all had colds at the beginning of November, but what are you gonna do? So, I have hardly had time to brush my teeth, let alone post anything. These normally happy-go-lucky babies are whiny and clingy and just want Mama to hold them. I feel so bad for them and wish I could make it go away.

Anyway, here are a few pictures from Thanksgiving, and the weekend after, to tide us over until we feel well again. The girls had a great day, ate everything in sight and played with their cousins for hours. We saw lots of family and had a wonderful time. On Saturday, the girls had their first photos with Santa taken. Let's just say that Eleanor was less than thrilled with the whole experience and if we got a single shot in which she is not crying, I will be surprised. We will see the proofs this weekend. We don't have our tree yet, but hopefully we'll get one this weekend and do all the decorating. I can't believe Christmas is less than three weeks away!

Daddy took these first two shots as he was getting the girls dressed.
This is our happy LilyKate.

And our sweet, silly Eleanor.

Their cousin Morgan made them laugh like crazy by jumping on this bean bag.

Eleanor having a great time with Morgan.

This is so much fun!

LilyKate thinks it hilarious.

Uncle Andy and Aunt Lisa have only boy toys, but the girls don't seem to mind.

Eleanor and Jackie loved playing on this big, stuffed bear.

Eleanor took a little longer than LilyKate to start walking, but she's an old pro now. I love the look of concentration and the pointed toe.

LilyKate loves to laugh.

Uncle Andy with his goddaughters - E and LK

We went to Jonathan's brother Daniel's house on Saturday night to help trim their tree. Eleanor was very interested in cousin Seth's bottle.

This picture has been a long time in the making. Finally, we have all our children together under the tree. From left, Morgan, LilyKate, Matthew, Eleanor, Travis, Seth and Jackie.

And, next year there will be one more! Daniel and Shelby, parents to Travis and Matthew, are expecting their third child, a girl! We are so excited and happy for them.


  1. I love the last picture :) I know you have been waiting a long time to have your children in a family picture.. It is beautiful

  2. Love the pictures..
    Sorry the girls are sick again..
    Have a Great Weekend.
    The last picture is tooo cute..

  3. All of them are so beautiful! I hope and pray that all of you start feeling better.
    Love and blessings, Kristy

  4. Susan,
    As I read your blog about the girls being sick again I remembered that that Lucy caught everything going around her first year with us. She had colds over and over and allergy problems too. I guess it is all part of the adapting to new allergens, climates, etc. This too shall pass!

  5. Oh...No....I remember those days last year. Last January the girls caught the RSV virus. That was not fun for any of us. Lots of wishes for a speedy recovery are on their way.

  6. I feel your pain. My 2 just got over hand,foot and mouth disease. It was a terrible 8 days.It is so funny how they need to sit on mommy when they don't feel well.Thank god I'm not claustraphobic.

  7. Your girls are just adorable!! Thanks for allowing me to follow along... really enjoyed the referral / travel sections!

    I hope your girls are feeling better soon!

  8. OMG, your girls are precious. I just came across your blog. I can't wait to check it out more.

  9. Beautiful pictures of your girls! They are so adorable - double the smiles!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy! (For Almost Three Months!)

  10. Your twins are adorable. What a fun Christmas you'll have this year.

  11. Your little ones are so sweet & adorable. Thank you for sharing with us. (I always leave your site with a smile on my face!)

    Happy Holidays!