Peekaboo with Eleanor

Eleanor's disposition has been so good lately. I think she is over the worst of teething, and is sleeping through most nights, so she's just happier overall. She loves to be silly and when she laughs, it's with her whole body. She is too adorable for words!


新年快乐 Happy New Year!

Last night, we celebrated Chinese New Year (or rather the Spring Festival , as it is called in China), with our good friends and neighbors, Derek and Marcia and their kids. They have two sons, and a daughter, Ava, who is from Yuncheng, China. We tried to get all the kids together for a photo, but as you can see below, it wasn't very successful.

Peter looks half asleep, LilyKate is hysterical, Ava isn't sure what to do (she started crying a few moments later), Eleanor is getting ready to scream and Ben, well Ben is the only one who came out looking good. Why is it always so hard to get a group of kids to smile simultaneously?

A little later, I tried to get some shots of just the girls, but they just weren't in the mood for pictures. This is the best one of them together. There was just too much excitement as the were boys running around on the other side of the room. It's getting harder and harder to get good shots of them together, especially since they can't sit still!

Eleanor manages a bored wave to her fans.

LilyKate just can't muster up the energy...it's hard work being this beautiful.

Gong Xi Fa Cai  -  Happy Year of the Ox!


Nobody makes us laugh harder than Daddy!

The girls love their Daddy and he can make them giggle and laugh like no-one else with his silly antics. The other night after dinner, he had them hysterical with laughter....seeing them have fun together makes me so happy!


Catching up a bit

We haven't been doing anything in particular, but between fighting our third round of colds, and being in the midst of some wicked teething, blogging has taken a back seat of late. Our sleep schedules were completely disrupted and we felt like we did the first few months home...none of us were getting consistently good sleep and it was making us all kinda whiny and cranky (well, mostly J and I really). Thankfully, we seem to have turned a corner and are back on track. Here a few pics of our little stinkers in action. Have I mentioned lately how much I love these girls?

Both girls love any kind of hat or headgear...here LilyKate models one of mine

Of course Eleanor has to try it on too

LK sits her sister's chair in an effort to confuse us

Eleanor is having none of it and reclaims her place

This is the face that LilyKate makes for the camera these days

Kinda blurry, but check out all those teeth!




Happy New Year

We spent a quiet evening at home with our girls last night, ushering in the New Year.  The girls went down at 8:00, and we were asleep before midnight, but up again about 12:30 for several hours with two little, teething girls who did not want to go back to sleep (and made that fact known quite vocally).  I have stayed up until the wee hours on New Year's Eve in the past, but never quite like that...ah, the joys of parenthood!  They were up at their usual time this morning (7:30), smiling, silly as usual, and ready for a new day in a new year.  It's hard to be cranky looking into those bright, beautiful faces and realizing how lucky we are. We wish you all a happy and healthy year in 2009.  We can't wait to see what adventures are in store for us!