Catching up a bit

We haven't been doing anything in particular, but between fighting our third round of colds, and being in the midst of some wicked teething, blogging has taken a back seat of late. Our sleep schedules were completely disrupted and we felt like we did the first few months home...none of us were getting consistently good sleep and it was making us all kinda whiny and cranky (well, mostly J and I really). Thankfully, we seem to have turned a corner and are back on track. Here a few pics of our little stinkers in action. Have I mentioned lately how much I love these girls?

Both girls love any kind of hat or headgear...here LilyKate models one of mine

Of course Eleanor has to try it on too

LK sits her sister's chair in an effort to confuse us

Eleanor is having none of it and reclaims her place

This is the face that LilyKate makes for the camera these days

Kinda blurry, but check out all those teeth!




  1. Sorry there has been some colds.. and teething..
    Glad everyone is back to normal and feeling better..
    LOVE those smiles..
    Have a Great Week.
    The photos are BEAUTIFUL..

  2. So sorry they have been sick with colds again. I hoep everything is getting back to normal for you guys. They seriously just keep geeting more and more beautiful..


  3. Wow! Look at those teeth! Alice still hasn't gotten all of hers and has been teething since we recieved her in June! Sick babies are no good! Alice has had 5 ear infections at least since she has been home she probably have gromets soon!
    Hugs to you all wish we could pop over! :(
    Ruth in NZ

  4. I am so happy that everyone is feeling better. My daughter Astrud that just turned 16 is sitting here looking at your blog with me and she thinks that the girls are just precious. She especially loves the picture on your sidebar of the girls kissing. They are just precious.

    Love, Kristy

  5. Been there and feel for you sista!!!

  6. Love all their expressions and smiles!