Birthday Party

Cousin Jackie had a birthday last week, and we celebrated with a party on Saturday afternoon. We had a great time and it was warm enough to play outside for awhile, which the girls loved. The guys were playing basketball and LilyKate and Eleanor tried to get in on the action. The balls were almost as big as them, but that didn't stop them from trying! They had a great time running around and playing with their cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles. We played all afternoon, and then stayed to have dinner to celebrate Jonathan's brother Daniel's birthday. We had a wonderful day!

The Birthday Girl

Morgan is always so sweet and patient with her cousins

Eleanor with the ball

Taking a brief rest on the grass

She is serious when she plays, just like her Daddy

LilyKate on the move

LilyKate up her tiptoes, ready to jump

Throw the ball to Mommy


Happy Valentine's Day

I took these photos a couple of weeks ago, for a special, top-secret Valentine's gift for Jonathan. I have been keeping them under wraps and it's been killing me not to show him the pictures! He loved his photo album and had tears in his eyes as he opened it and looked at each page (which was very sweet and let me know I scored big-time).

I hope you are spending this day of LOVE with those who mean the most to you. We couldn't be happier to be home with our little sweeties, eating heart-shaped pancakes, sneaking lots of kisses and cuddles, and staying in our pajamas all day...bliss!

P.S. Eleanor is wearing the white shirt, and LilyKate is in red.