The Big Chair

We shared a delicious Mexican dinner tonight with our friends, the Chapman's. As we were leaving the restaurant, Ben and Pete spotted this huge chair, so we decided to sit the kids down for a photo op. Surprisingly, everyone cooperated and we got a pretty good shot...a rare occurrence with five kids, especially when it was past our girls' bedtime!


After all, it is excellent for the skin

Not that they need any help improving what is already flawless, but the girls enjoyed a lovely yogurt facial during lunch today. LilyKate was especially good at slathering it around, and when spoons got in the way, little hands proved to be the perfect tools. Yogurt - good inside and out!



I love this photo of LK. It captures her sweetness perfectly. She is also just a little bit beautiful, wouldn't you say?


Peekaboo Kiss

I seem to post more frequently to Facebook these days - it's just so much easier and quicker to upload pictures and video. I know some people don't use it, including many of my family members, so I'll try and do better about posting here as well. Here's a little snippet of the girls being cute and adorable...enjoy!


Bye Bye Winter

So, last week we had snow and freezing temps, but the past few days have been beautiful - sunny and warm in the high 70's - crazy! It has been great being able to spend time outdoors and the warm weather seems to have put everyone in a great mood. After dinner tonight we took the girls for milkshakes and a visit to the park. They went on the swings, ran on the grass, got chased around by Daddy, and just had the best time.

I'm posting some photos from the past few days. The first few are from Monday, when it was too cold to be outside, so the girls made the best of things by getting creative with their chairs. The last two are from this evening on the swings...let's hear it for spring weather and daylight savings!



We had several inches of now here today...it came down for several hours and created a winter wonderland. We bundled everyone up and headed outside to play this afternoon. The girls weren't sure what to think at first, but after a few minutes, Eleanor got curious and started walking around, just looking at everything. LilyKate was very timid, which is not normally the case, and it took her a little longer to start moving around. It was pretty cold out there, and their little cheeks were freezing, but they didn't want to come in! LK started crying when we said it was time to go inside and cried the whole time I was taking off her wet clothes. They loved watching it snow and kept pointing at the flakes as they came down. We all got changed into warm clothes and had french toast with berries, and hot chocolate. What a great afternoon and so much fun seeing everything through their eyes!

LilyKate "oohing" over the snow everywhere

Beautiful snow bunny, Eleanor

Me and my girls. I love how they are holding their hands...they don't quite get the mittens and didn't want to keep them on

Okay, I'm kinda liking this snow stuff now

Eleanor exploring the winter wonderland