Bye Bye Winter

So, last week we had snow and freezing temps, but the past few days have been beautiful - sunny and warm in the high 70's - crazy! It has been great being able to spend time outdoors and the warm weather seems to have put everyone in a great mood. After dinner tonight we took the girls for milkshakes and a visit to the park. They went on the swings, ran on the grass, got chased around by Daddy, and just had the best time.

I'm posting some photos from the past few days. The first few are from Monday, when it was too cold to be outside, so the girls made the best of things by getting creative with their chairs. The last two are from this evening on the swings...let's hear it for spring weather and daylight savings!


  1. You have to love Daylight savings time just for the fact you can get out of the house and enjoy the park after dinner..

    Love the pics...


  2. We are enjoying the weather as well! I'm sure we will be begging for cold temps again once July rolls around...but right now it's perfect!
    Your girls are lovely...and their park shirts? Adorable!