First Haircut

The girls had their first real haircut this week and although they both cried through the entire process, they were very brave and let the stylist do her thing. Fortunately, it didn't take more than a few minutes to trim their ends, and then put their hair into pigtails, but it was a rough few minutes! I felt bad taking pictures of them crying, but it was a first and I had to capture the moment, even if it was a tearful one. They were fine right after though and even left the pigtails alone for the rest of the day, which I couldn't believe.

LilyKate went first and neither the cool new yellow ball from Grandma nor a cookie could stop the tears.

Eleanor clung to her new ball too, but wouldn't even look at the lollipop and cookie I put in her lap.

LilyKate calmed down and then watched her sister suffer through her haircut.

Eleanor almost done and look...pigtails!

Later that afternoon, both girls still had their pigtails in place, even after their nap. Back to their smiling, happy selves.


  1. Beautiful! and they sat so nicely! How did Momma hold up?
    Hugs Ruth in NZ

  2. Bless their hearts!!
    You know I LOVE pigtails!!!

  3. My girls also cried the during the first haircut :o(. Eleanor's "almost done" picture.... poor little thing! Love the pigtails though!!

  4. Poor babies!! I love the piggy talis.

    My Khai was an angel for his first haircut. Meliah had her head shaven bald at 5 months in the orphanage and I still can't bring myself to cut her hair. I pull it up out of her eyes everyday.

  5. I know she's crying in it, but that last picture of Eleanor is precious. Love the piggy tails!

  6. The girls are getting SO Big!! The pig tails are ADORABLE!!

  7. Oh my goodness - they are too cute. And, the matching tunics. Too much! Love it! Good to see a happy family! All the waiting is such a drag that it is fun to scour blogs and see all these beautiful children for encouragement!
    Kelly LID 7/23/2007--(sigh) forever away

  8. How incredibly precious... that is just to cute...don't be bad about the photos... you can show the shots to them when they are 21 :) They will curse you then :)

  9. Oh bless their little hearts!!!