Capturing the moments

We take pictures of the girls almost every day, most of which are never posted. Some of these images are cute and funny, but many are just simple, everyday moments...here are a few recent favorites.

Eleanor's latest funny look

LilyKate playing the piano at church and telling me no when I try to play too

Eleanor dancing at a friend's graduation party

LilyKate cuddling with Daddy and still sleepy from a nap

Eleanor smelling the roses in Grandma's garden

Stopping on a bridge while on a walk with Grandma and Grandpa


  1. LOVE the photos.. the girls are soooo sweet..
    They are sure growing up..
    Have a great week..

  2. They are such cuties!
    My fav is the first pic of Eleanor!
    Love the stern face!!
    Hugs, Jill

  3. what beauties! I love the picture with Dad.

  4. Great photos of your little angels!