It's been awhile...

We just returned from the beach and I have a ton of great pictures to post, but before I do that, I need to acknowledge a special anniversary - Referral Day. One year ago, on May 2nd, we received the phone call we had been waiting for for three years...the phone call that changed our lives forever, and in a matter of minutes! Our agency called us that afternoon to tell us that we were parents, to not just one, but two beautiful baby girls, Shang Guan Xin Ling and Shang Guan Xin Long. After all that time waiting, dreaming and loving a baby we had long named LilyKate, we had to wrap our minds around TWINS!

After we got over the initial shock, we cried, laughed and screamed with joy. We were both shaking and crying, and trying our best to write down the information that Kim from our agency was telling us. We were parents! Then she sent some pics and the image above is the first we saw of our daughters - we could not get over how beautiful they were. It was the most amazing day and we got to celebrate with family and friends that evening at the rehearsal dinner for our niece, Erica, and her fiance, Robb. Then the really hard part came...waiting to go get our little sweeties. We had a lot to keep us busy in the interim, but that six weeks felt like an eternity.

They have changed so much since then and are so much a part of us, we can hardly remember what life was like without them...infinitely less colorful and fun, that's for sure. We love these girls with all our hearts and are grateful for every moment we have with them.

LilyKate and Eleanor - Seaside, Florida
May 2, 2009


  1. Happy 1 year...
    doesn't seem like a year ago..
    The girls are soooo BEAUTIFUL and they sure have changed..
    Have a great week..

  2. Awww, wow! They are so beautiful. Thanks for reliving the early moments with us!

  3. Oh, Wow! One year, happy anniversary.

  4. What a happy day!

    They are beautiful. Then, and even more now. Happy referral day!

  5. Savor every moment - next thing you know they'll be 8 years old like Lucy! It goes so fast - but it is still wonderful and fun. We thank God daily for our Chinese blessing.

  6. Oh my it does seem like yesterday on so many levels and then it was like a lifetime ago!
    Hugs Ruth

  7. To incredibly precious.. it seems like yesterday you got them... love it.

  8. I remember that day so very well. We will always have the shared memories of that day. The girls were beautiful then and are even more beautiful now if that is even possible.

    Pure Joy ...Pure Love...


  9. Happy Referral Day!! They were and are beautiful!!

  10. What a special day, I am wiping away my tears as I read. Congrats on the moment that changed your lives forever!

  11. Happy Belated Oe Year Anniversary to the beginning of your new life! Double the blessing!!

    Love, Kristy

  12. Happy 1 year anniversary!!! Your post brought me to tears. I know what that phone call is like, but I can't imagine hearing TWINS. How awesome!!
    The school year is winding down. Maybe we can finally plan our trip to the zoo together. :o)
    Have a nice weekend!!

  13. I remember your referral day so well! We asked for twins so were happy to see that there were some out there! You are so BLESSED! They are adorable, precious, and after one year, can you imagine not having your daughters? So many smiles!!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy for Eight Months

  14. Happy referral day!! I know how special it is. The babies are getting so big in that last photo and sooo beautiful.


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