I confess to being a complete slacker when it comes to this blog. It's just so much easier to post and upload stuff to Facebook, I find myself there whenever I have a few free minutes to spend on the computer. I know there are still a few folks who haven't jumped on the FB bandwagon (c'mon people, whatcha waiting for?), so here are a couple of recent photos of the girls. They are growing like weeds and saying new words everyday.  We have definitely entered the terrible two's and have witnessed tantrums, meltdowns, and throw downs...what fun. As our Aunt Eleanor says, it's just a phase and will pass...and the next one will be worse. Despite the occasional display of attitude, they are two funny, joyful, loving little souls who bring much happiness and laughter to our lives. 

Eleanor loves accessories

LilyKate hanging out in the wagon

Eleanor is full of smiles

LilyKate is proud that she climbed up all by herself

Lots of silliness everyday with these two!


  1. LOVE the photos..
    Looks like they are always having fun..
    I didn't know you were on facebook..
    I will have to find ya..

  2. Oh my goodness. They are growing so big and are just as cute as can be. I was going to ask you to be my friend on FB and although I am not yet in the adoption stage, I didn't want you to think I was a nut out here.

    Anyway, you have such beautiful girls and they look soo happy.

  3. Such adorable pictures!!!

  4. How cute!! They are getting so big and look how happy... all smiles.

    I agree about the FB thing.. I'm always on there now. haha!!

  5. I just found out that you can post to the blog and it populates into FB - you have to add your url in FB - it only posts so many words...but saves a step...
    Carol in FL - on FB too

  6. Yeah Carol, I know about the feed into FB and have mine set up to do it, but it's such a hassle to upload pics and video on blogger. I wish it would work the other way round! It's all so much easier and faster on FB.

  7. OMG! The girls are getting so big!!! Are they running you ragged yet? Can't wait to meet them and see you guys again.


  8. i'm lovin' that last photo!