Our busy lives

We have been so busy lately (what’s new?), and every weekend has been packed to the gills with birthday parties, family events, church activities, etc., and there appears to be no end in sight for some time. We’re gearing up for more birthday parties, graduations, a beach trip, weddings and a high school reunion.  The girls will be turning 3 in less than 8 weeks (crazy!) and are growing up so quickly. Almost all traces of those two chubby babies are gone, and we have two, gorgeous, smart, funny little girls on our hands. Just a little over two years ago, we received our long-awaited referral, and got our first glimpse of their precious faces…wow, what a day that was! We have been thinking of that day a lot recently, looking at old photos, and remembering just how overwhelmed we felt when we found out we were parents to twins…two babies? We couldn’t (and still can’t sometimes) believe how blessed we are. They are so deeply ingrained in our hearts and lives, we sometimes forget entirely what life was like before they came along.  It gets more interesting every day!





  1. The girls are getting SO big!! LOVE the pictures!! It's hard to believe how fast they grow up!! You are by NO means a slacker in the blog department - I think I totally deserve the title!!

    It has been over a year since I was last on my blog - but truth be told my blog needs help - not only in the update area but in the layout as well - not very good at this at all!!

  2. I cannot believe it has been two years! Wow....the girls are beautful now and were beautiful then. You guys were one of the first in our group to get a referral. It was a very exciting day.

  3. Soooo beautiful.
    Have a great Mother's Day weekend..
    Happy Mother's Day my friend..

  4. I remmber those days 2 years ago well. I think we emailed ach other 100 times a day LOL. Remanicng has been so fun. The girls are growing at warp speed and getting more and more beautiful every single day. LIFE IS GOOD!