Too two amazing

It’s hard to fathom, but it has been two years since we met our girls in Nanchang and became a happy family of four! They are real little girls now, and almost all traces of those sweet, chubby babies are gone, but we love them more every day.

We have been taking about China and looking at pictures all week, and we will celebrate this Saturday at the zoo, since this week has been so busy with Daddy working late, and Vacation Bible School every night. We just got back from a long beach weekend and the girls had a fabulous time. They have been asking me where the beach is and want to go back to our beach house…me too girls, me too!

The past two years have flown by and when we look back, we can hardly recall our life without them. They will turn 3 in a couple of weeks, and have asked for big girl beds for their birthday. Seeing those cribs go will make me a little sad, but they are blossoming into such beautiful, funny, feisty, independent, little people, that it makes our hearts truly happy.

Happy Family Day LilyKate and Eleanor!! You bless us every day with your love and laughter.  And to our wonderful China travel group…we love and miss you all and will always share a special connection through our daughters!

 IMG_6841 Daddy and Eleanor – Nanchang, China, June 16, 2008

IMG_6842Mama and LilyKate – Nanchang, China, June 16, 2008

IMG_6857LilyKate and Eleanor – Galactic Peace Int’l Hotel, June 16, 2008


Eleanor, LilyKate and Daddy – Seagrove Beach, Florida, June 2010