life is good

The weather has been spectacular the past couple of days - we are loving it! Jonathan came home from work a little early yesterday, so we headed off in the golf cart to hang out at the park for awhile. We ran into J's brother, Michael, and two of his kids, Jackie and Seth. The girls were excited to see their cousins and play together in the beautiful, fall sunshine.

 LilyKate, Eleanor, Jackie and Seth

We left and went to grab some dinner, still enjoying the weather out on the patio at a local pizzeria. After dinner, we drove around the lake, stopping at the boat docks to watch the sunset and hit up yet another park. We bumped into more family....this time Grandma and Grandpa, out enjoying the beautiful evening. We headed home, tired and happy. Moving here has been so great for our family - we are truly happy and blessed.





  1. so sweet.. you are blessed for sure. The girls are getting so big. Riz just said we need to visit you all soon..We miss you all.


  2. You know you all are welcome ANYTIME! We would love to see you. Miss you too!

  3. The girls are so precious! It's wonderful that they get to play with their cousins. Blessings