happy halloween

Cinderella and Belle are ready for the ball, or in this case, the Pre-School Carnival

 LilyKate and Eleanor with friends Ella, the poodle, and Emma Lael, the Sock Monkey

 The Princesses make another appearance at our church's Family Fun Night

 Trick-or-treating in the neighborhood

  Having a ball with their cousins and ready to hit the streets for some candy!

Hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween. I know we did!


dandelions and wings

I snapped these shots of the girls yesterday afternoon, on the front walkway to our house. They were running back and forth, flapping their wings, singing songs, counting, looking at the moon, and searching for dandelions to make wishes on....ah, the joys of being four, without a care in the world!

Here they come

In flight
Gazing upwards

There it is!

Man, how I love these little people
A little blurry, but love those smiles!

E cracks me up
LK says, "take one of me Mommy"

Wishing to be "real" princesses                  

Is there any other wish when you're 4?

And away they go....