project 365

I have always wanted to participate in this, but for some reason never got started. So, this is the year I resolve to do it - to take a picture and post it every day...there, I said it! They may not always be perfect or pretty, but when the year ends, I will have a wonderful record of our life in 2012. This should be fun!


christmas program

My Little Angels
Eleanor and LilyKate performed in their Preschool Christmas Program yesterday morning and it was just adorable. The Kindergarten class did a Nativity play, complete with costumes and lines, and then the pre-schoolers joined them as the "Angel Chorus", for a selection of new and old Christmas songs.The girls have been singing many of the songs for weeks now, and they were ready and excited. LilyKate was totally into it - singing with gusto and doing all the motions -  but Eleanor was a little stagestruck. About halfway through the program though, her switch flipped and she was on, singing and enjoying herself too. They were all so cute.

Is there anything more entertaining than a group of wiggly, giggly 4 and 5 year olds? I think not. Afterwards, we joined them downstairs for their class party...everyone had a great time! They now have three weeks off....yikes...when does my Christmas vacation start? 

Happy Holidays everyone!

LilyKate blowing a kiss
Where is Santa?
Singing their hearts out
The Angel Chorus
Despite appearances, they were having fun
Enjoying the class party