day 31 - it won't be long

I took the girls to register for Kindergarten for the Fall. Mommy had to fill out some paperwork and the girls colored and asked questions while they waited...boy can they ask some questions! We got everything done in about 20 minutes and were on the way back home. They are so excited that they get to go to school where there cousins Jack, Jackie and Morgan go, while I can't believe that we are thinking about Kindergarten already. What is happening to my baby girls?? I ask them all the time if they can please stop growing up and just stay 4 1/2 for a while, and they tell me that "their bodies won't let them do that". Funny girls.

Pardon the pics...left my camera at home and snapped these with my phone.


day 30 - ballet class

Aunt Lisa and Uncle Andy gave the girls a gift certificate at Christmas for ballet lessons and we finally got to start classes today. The girls took a beginning ballet class last year and enjoyed it, so we knew what to expect and had a few basics down. There were about 6 or 7 little girls in the class and they were all so cute! The girls did really well, considering the other kids knew all the positions and drills, although Eleanor shed a few tears when she looked around and didn't see me for a moment. I got her calmed down and she went back to the class and both said they had a lot of fun. We are looking forward to going back next week!

Watching some older girls
Waiting patiently
Listening well
The class
So cute


day 29 - birthday lunch

We have a bunch of birthdays on Jonathan's side of the family in the first few months of the year, so we double and sometimes triple up on birthday celebrations for the adults. Today it was all about the ladies....Shelby, Lisa and I were honored with a delicious roast dinner, yummy cupcakes and ice cream, and of course, gifts!

I couldn't resist getting all the kids together for a photo - Matthew, Eleanor, Isabelle, Travis, Seth, Jackie, LilyKate and Morgan. I love all these kids so much! They are great kids and all get along so well.

The birthday "girls" - Lisa, Susan and Shelby


day 28 - zingo

The girls got the game Zingo for Christmas and it's a fun game for the whole family; we have really enjoyed playing it together. Our girls love all kinds of games and are great sports. Tonight we let Eleanor deal for the first time, and she did an awesome job...kept her card going and almost won the round! We love our family game nights!


day 25 - silly day at preschool

It was silly day today at school and the girls had so much fun picking out their outfits for the day. It worked out perfectly, as Jonathan was taking care of them all day, since I had to get up VERY early to take my mom to the hospital for surgery, and was gone until late in the day. Silly day was right up Daddy's alley! The girls loved their outfits so much, they wore them all day - even to the park - where I am sure they got some interesting looks!


day 24 - J-E-L-L-O

The girls and I made Jello today. You'd have thought it was the world's most delectable dessert by they way they ate it! The simple things in life are often the most special when you are 4 1/2.


day 23 - celebrating the new year

Today was the start of Chinese New Year and we celebrated at pre-school, as well as with friends for dinner. My friend Andrea (AKA Emma Lael's mommy) and I went into the girls' pre-school class to help the kids make a dragon craft, read a book about CNY and have fun using chopsticks to pick up marshmellows. Andrea also brought all the kids red envelopes filled with chocolate money. The kids had a lot fun and so did we!

Then, this evening, we shared a meal at a Chinese restaurant with a group of local families, all who have adopted from China. We didn't know everyone there, but had a great time meeting new friends, hanging with old ones, and enjoying some delicious food. 

Preschool friends

Not so simple
Eleanor, LilyKate and Emma Lael showing off their dragons
Reading a book to the kiddos
Marcia and Ava at dinner
My sweethearts
Derek, Ben and Jonathan
Our CNY dinner group
All the kids together for a photo after dinner

welcome year of the dragon

Gōng xǐ fā cái - Congratulations and Prosperity - 恭喜發財

Xīn nián kuài lè - Happy New Year - 新年快樂


day 21 - after the rain

A big storm passed through today, with tornado warnings and lots of rain. Late in the day, the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful afternoon, so we went for a walk. The girls wore their rain boots and had a great time jumping in every puddle they saw.