day 59 - in His time

It was raining for most of the day today, so we had to entertain ourselves indoors, with movies, puzzles and games. It stopped raining for a few minutes and the sun tried to come out, and although it never quite made it, I managed to grab a couple of shots of the girls on the porch. Man, do I love these girls! I can't even tell you....my heart overflows! I am blessed to be their Mommy. I waited so many years for this and it couldn't be any sweeter. They are my joy. God's timing is perfect.


day 56 - i want to ride my bicycle

A couple of weeks ago, I picked up a fun, pink cruiser at a yard sale, for next to nothing. I have been looking for a bike to ride with the girls and it fit the bill perfectly. I have missed riding a bicycle - it's been too long without one. Jonathan didn't have a bike either, and then this week, my dad decided he wasn't really up to riding his anymore and gave it to him, so we are a biking family.

We have been telling the girls all week that we would go on a family bike ride this weekend and today was the day! After just a few minutes, Jonathan decided it might be better for one of us to walk along beside the girls, in case of falls, so he too his bike back and acted as photographer too. It was a little chilly, but a bright, sunny day and the girls loved every minute of our ride. We will definitely be doing that more often!


day 54 - another beautiful day

Wow! The weather continues to amaze us. It was 76 degrees today and we spent as much time enjoying it as we could. First, we stopped in a the library for some books, and then headed straight to the park to meet up with Lisa, Morgan, Jackie and Seth for some fun playtime. Aftwerwards, we got some ice cream, then headed home, via the lake, where we stopped off for some more fresh air and play.

When we got home, we headed outside with chalk and bubbles. My camera was acting up this afternoon, so I couldn't get any pics of the butterflies, houses, flowers and ladybugs they drew, but they had a blast doing them. After dinner, we headed out once more for a walk with Henry and stopping off at my folks house for a quick visit.

All that activity and fresh air worked it's magic and they were out in a matter of minutes, after a bath and quick story. I just love being with my girls...they are such a joy. I appreciate and treasure every moment we spend together.

Jackie and Eleanor at the park
Seth, Morgan and LilyKate having fun
Eleanor at the lake
my sweet LilyKate


day 53 - wings and things

The weather was great again today and we got to spend the afternoon outdoors. The girls put on their wings, and were flitting and flying all over the place. They found ladybugs and roly-poly's , snails and worms, and just had a wonderful time. They amaze me at how well they get along and how they can entertain themselves for hours on end. What a precious and wonderful gift it is to have a sister - a twin- to be with each and every day. What a blessing! They will always have each other to lean on and turn to...at least I hope so!


day 52 - out and about

It's winter break for the girls, and thankfully, the weather was mild enough today to head out on the golf cart to a nearby park. We even took Henry with us, and let him sniff and explore to his hearts content. Of course I had to take some pics of my sweet girly girls! It was a great afternoon.


day 51 - my little ballerinas

The girls have been in ballet for several weeks now, and are enjoying it more each time. Eleanor is a little more hesitant and wary - in pretty much any situation - and today we had a substitute teacher, which was enough to throw her off. She had a few moments of tears and unease, but then was back in the room, smiling and dancing. LilyKate loves every second and was so sweet, taking care of her sister, holding her hand, and making sure she was okay. It melts my heart to watch them!

Eleanor: top two photos, LilyKate: bottom two


day 49 - happy birthday Jackie!

Today we celebrated our niece (and god-daughter) Jackie's 7th birthday. We had a great time playing outside (until the rain came), eating yummy strawberry cake, and just being together. Happy Birthday sweet girl. We love you so much!

The party posse
I'm not sure why, but LK and E always argue over this scooter...E won
Morgan and Annisten
The birthday girl - sweet Jacqueline Beall
Jackie read every word of every card
Her new wheels


day 48 - let the sun shine

A little sunshine and warmer temps was what we all needed today. The damp and cold was starting to get to us - we like to be outside and if possible, without shoes! My girls have always love being barefoot....just like their mama. It's supposed to rain and be colder this weekend, so we'll enjoy it while we can! Happy Friday!


day 47 - good morning

Every day I get to look at my girls' faces is a good day. Here, LilyKate had just woken up and was sitting in the kitchen talking to me. I grabbed my camera to try and capture the beauty that is her face...not sure I did it justice, but I'll keep trying.