day 54 - another beautiful day

Wow! The weather continues to amaze us. It was 76 degrees today and we spent as much time enjoying it as we could. First, we stopped in a the library for some books, and then headed straight to the park to meet up with Lisa, Morgan, Jackie and Seth for some fun playtime. Aftwerwards, we got some ice cream, then headed home, via the lake, where we stopped off for some more fresh air and play.

When we got home, we headed outside with chalk and bubbles. My camera was acting up this afternoon, so I couldn't get any pics of the butterflies, houses, flowers and ladybugs they drew, but they had a blast doing them. After dinner, we headed out once more for a walk with Henry and stopping off at my folks house for a quick visit.

All that activity and fresh air worked it's magic and they were out in a matter of minutes, after a bath and quick story. I just love being with my girls...they are such a joy. I appreciate and treasure every moment we spend together.

Jackie and Eleanor at the park
Seth, Morgan and LilyKate having fun
Eleanor at the lake
my sweet LilyKate

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