day 91 - egg hunt

Today was the egg hunt and Easter party at the girls preschool. They were so excited and have been asking about it all week. When they got home from school today, they played with their eggs all afternoon - hiding them from each other, trading, and even asking me to play the Easter bunny and hide them all over again. It's amazing how much enjoyment they get from some plastic eggs and a basket!

LilyKate and Eleanor ready for school and the big egg hunt


day 90 - another welcome home

The girls and I went to the airport tonight with some friends, Andrea and Amy and their daughters, to help greet another family home from China. Even though we don't know that family, it was wonderful to see them, as they introduced their new daughter, Linnea, to her 3 brothers, who stayed at home when their parents traveled. It's always such a moving moment as they walk through those doors and family and friends cheer, clap, cry and celebrate. God is good!

I forgot my camera, so didn't get too many pics, but managed to at least grab a couple of our posse of girls.

 LilyKate and Eleanor waiting for Linnea to appear

 The girls with their sweet friend, Emma Lael

So much loveliness!
Natalie and Lynsey with Eleanor, Emma Lael and LK


day 87 - evolution

My girls love dressing up. Princesses, fairies, ballerinas, ladybug and butterfly girls...they just love them all and sometimes a mix of several at once. Today, the fire department came to their school and they got junior fire chief hats, so those were added to the repertoire. Here is just of the few combinations that Eleanor came up with today. Oh, I forgot to add swimsuits to that list....their favorite dress-up piece of the moment. And the pink heels that go with everything!

The cutest junior fire chief I've ever seen :-)


day 86 - twins

It's crazy how many times a day I get asked if the girls are twins. It is by far the question I get asked the most. We have never referred to them as "the twins". We usually say their names, or call them the girls, so when someone calls them that, it sounds strange to me. Of course, I know they are twins, but to me they are just so distinct.

"How do you tell them apart?", is another popular question, and again, it's an odd question, cause for me there is no telling them apart...they are apart, separate and unique. I just look at them and know who they are, so explaining who is who and what is different about them is not easy to put into words; they are just themselves.


day 85 - sean's birthday

Tonight, we celebrated my brother, Sean, on his birthday. We ate pizza, talked, laughed and had a great time. We are fortunate to live close and be able to get together often. I can't believe we are getting so stinkin' old! How is possible that my baby brother is 46? Time just keeps on moving.

 My little darlin's

 Joey, Austin and Christine

Jack and LilyKate 

 Sean, Steve, Cindy, my dad and Jonathan

Sean and Mom

 Joey has an audience...no idea what he is telling them

What a bunch of cuties!
Jack, Austin, Eleanor, LilyKate and Joey


day 84 - styles

The girls have been wearing swimsuits around the house for the past two days. I was going through all of last years things, trying to see if anything still fit, and asked them to try some stuff on. After they tried on some swimsuits, they decided they wanted to wear them, so I figured, why not? When they woke up this morning they immediately asked if they could put them back on, but I told them that swimwear was not appropriate attire for preschool. The minute I picked them up from school, they asked if they could put their suits on when they got home.

Eleanor has been wearing her suits (she has made several costume changes) with pink, plastic high heels (these she wears with everything), and a big, flowered headband. LilyKate is a little more demure with her ballet-style slippers and sweet headband. Looks like one is headed for the pageant circuit and the other dance class. They are quite the little characters.


day 82 - swings

We went to the library today and there happens to be a big, wonderful park right behind it, so the girls begged to go play. It was threatening to rain, but we headed over anyway and as usual, the girls headed straight for the swings.

They have always loved the swings, since they were babies, and I could probably put a whole book together on pictures I have taken of them swinging over the years. I love a good swing myself, so I totally get it, but pushing them both for long periods of time, especially when they are not in adjacent swings, proves to be quite a workout for Mommy (not that I don't need it mind you).

Well, those days are coming to an end, as they can now do it all themselves. I taught them to pump their legs a long time ago, and they could keep going on their own, but always needed a few pushes to start and couldn't keep it going for more than a few minutes. I think they play on the swings at school, so that's probably where they learned it, but they can now push off on their own and keep it going. Oh, they still call me for an occasional push, but we are almost there! They are growing up and becoming more and more self-sufficient. Makes me a little misty-eyed.


day 81 - sugar and spice

LilyKate loves anything and everything girly, ruffled and glittery. She says when she grows up, she wants to be a "real" princess. I tell her she already is one.


day 80 - spring is here

The arrival of spring in the South means the arrival of pollen.....sticky, yellow dust that sticks to everything and makes people sneeze and cry. It also means flowering trees, like dogwood and plum, plants, like azalea and forsythia, and a host of other lovely blooms. The pollen count may be at an all-time high (over 9,000!), but the weather is just too beautiful to stay inside all day, so we ventured out on the golf cart for some errands. I stopped on the way for some photos and the girls willingly obliged. They are definitely not shy in front of the camera!

Can you see the layer of yellow pollen on the chair,table & porch?
My sweethearts
LilyKate laughing
Scrumptious cheeks
Azaleas in bloom
I love this picture


day 78 - off to church

I got these flower headbands for the girls* about a week ago and they want to wear them every day. It's hard to say no when they look so darn cute in them!

BTW, my laptop is out of commission and day 77 pics are on it, so I'll post when it's up and running!

*Eleanor is in pink and LilyKate is in lavender. 


day 76 - welcome home

We went to the airport tonight with my friend Andrea and her sweet daughter, Emma Lael, to greet a family home from China. Candis just returned from China with her third child, Harris. Harris is 3 1/2 and boy, what a cutie pie! Seeing them brought back memories of our arrival home almost 4 years ago and how exhausted, but happy to be home we were that night. There was a small group of family and friends to greet them, and we were glad to be part of the welcoming party.

The girls loved being at the airport and ran around checking everything out and holding hands. We are so thankful God brought our families together as friends.

Welcome to the USA Harris!

The girls helped me make the sign

Three Cutie Patooties

All the beautiful girls

Three Amigos

Checking out the seating

They were curious about a car in the airport