day 76 - welcome home

We went to the airport tonight with my friend Andrea and her sweet daughter, Emma Lael, to greet a family home from China. Candis just returned from China with her third child, Harris. Harris is 3 1/2 and boy, what a cutie pie! Seeing them brought back memories of our arrival home almost 4 years ago and how exhausted, but happy to be home we were that night. There was a small group of family and friends to greet them, and we were glad to be part of the welcoming party.

The girls loved being at the airport and ran around checking everything out and holding hands. We are so thankful God brought our families together as friends.

Welcome to the USA Harris!

The girls helped me make the sign

Three Cutie Patooties

All the beautiful girls

Three Amigos

Checking out the seating

They were curious about a car in the airport


  1. That is awesome! The picture of the 3 girls is precious!

  2. This brough me to tears. I love seeing a family come together like this. Seeing how big E and LK are getting makes me so emotional. We were just saying that we remember sitting on the floor of the airport in GZ with all of our babies. How did they get so big so fast.