day 80 - spring is here

The arrival of spring in the South means the arrival of pollen.....sticky, yellow dust that sticks to everything and makes people sneeze and cry. It also means flowering trees, like dogwood and plum, plants, like azalea and forsythia, and a host of other lovely blooms. The pollen count may be at an all-time high (over 9,000!), but the weather is just too beautiful to stay inside all day, so we ventured out on the golf cart for some errands. I stopped on the way for some photos and the girls willingly obliged. They are definitely not shy in front of the camera!

Can you see the layer of yellow pollen on the chair,table & porch?
My sweethearts
LilyKate laughing
Scrumptious cheeks
Azaleas in bloom
I love this picture

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  1. The last o me is my favorite. We got those felt hair clips too. I love them I got them in every color the price was so good. :)