day 82 - swings

We went to the library today and there happens to be a big, wonderful park right behind it, so the girls begged to go play. It was threatening to rain, but we headed over anyway and as usual, the girls headed straight for the swings.

They have always loved the swings, since they were babies, and I could probably put a whole book together on pictures I have taken of them swinging over the years. I love a good swing myself, so I totally get it, but pushing them both for long periods of time, especially when they are not in adjacent swings, proves to be quite a workout for Mommy (not that I don't need it mind you).

Well, those days are coming to an end, as they can now do it all themselves. I taught them to pump their legs a long time ago, and they could keep going on their own, but always needed a few pushes to start and couldn't keep it going for more than a few minutes. I think they play on the swings at school, so that's probably where they learned it, but they can now push off on their own and keep it going. Oh, they still call me for an occasional push, but we are almost there! They are growing up and becoming more and more self-sufficient. Makes me a little misty-eyed.

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  1. i am telling emma lael i want you to stay 4 FOREVER and all she wants to do is "get tall" she'll say ;) i will put my hand on the top of her head and say "stop growing" then we laugh.

    it's bitter sweet to watch our children gain there wings of independence... but it's part of the journey....take ahold of every stage they are in....solo swinging won't seem to big when they start to drive, UGH ;)