day 84 - styles

The girls have been wearing swimsuits around the house for the past two days. I was going through all of last years things, trying to see if anything still fit, and asked them to try some stuff on. After they tried on some swimsuits, they decided they wanted to wear them, so I figured, why not? When they woke up this morning they immediately asked if they could put them back on, but I told them that swimwear was not appropriate attire for preschool. The minute I picked them up from school, they asked if they could put their suits on when they got home.

Eleanor has been wearing her suits (she has made several costume changes) with pink, plastic high heels (these she wears with everything), and a big, flowered headband. LilyKate is a little more demure with her ballet-style slippers and sweet headband. Looks like one is headed for the pageant circuit and the other dance class. They are quite the little characters.

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  1. they both have a great sense of style, like there mom does.

    our pool is 78 degrees...natalie got in today....emma lael put her feet in....it won't be long with this warm weather your girls can come swim as often as they'd like.