day 86 - twins

It's crazy how many times a day I get asked if the girls are twins. It is by far the question I get asked the most. We have never referred to them as "the twins". We usually say their names, or call them the girls, so when someone calls them that, it sounds strange to me. Of course, I know they are twins, but to me they are just so distinct.

"How do you tell them apart?", is another popular question, and again, it's an odd question, cause for me there is no telling them apart...they are apart, separate and unique. I just look at them and know who they are, so explaining who is who and what is different about them is not easy to put into words; they are just themselves.

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  1. I get these questions all the time as well, and although my twins (we never call them that either) are identical... for ME they are totally different!
    So gorgeous are your girls!!