day 108 - dress up days

My girls are in the habit of waking up and going straight for the dress up clothes. They come downstairs with tutus and high heels, magic wands, gloves - you name it.

The combinations are endless and quite interesting at times....as evidenced below:

LilyKate with a headband, swimsuit, tutu, backpack, Halloween socks and 
ballet slippers.

Eleanor in Hello Kitty pajamas, tutu and high heels.

These are the most coveted shoes in the house. 
Several arguments have broken out over these lovelies. 
Mommy has tried and failed to find another pair.


  1. they have a mama that has great style...they are showing sings of very creative stylish & fashionable girls ;)

    emma lael could careless what she wears, i am thinking fashion isn't her gift ;)

  2. Where did the shoes come from? They are adorable as usual....

  3. Oh my goodness I know two other little girls who would kill for those shoes!! If you find them, please share because we'll be needing to order a couple of pairs.