day 109 - from the archives

We have all been suffering with colds and today was a low-key, movie-watching, game-playing kind of day. I didn't take any pictures - heck, the girls and I didn't even get dressed until 3 p.m, so, I decided to pull something from the archives. I found this video and pics from this day in 2010, of LilyKate and Daddy blowing bubbles, that were just so darn cute! Hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane.


  1. So adorable and J still wears that t-shirt :). Feel better soon.

  2. Wow! So cute! And LilyKate looks like my Kate in those pictures. I don't see a similarity now, but certainly when they were little. Must be something in the Shanggao water. Glad to have found your blog again. It seems like yesterday when I was anxiously watching and reading about your trip just before we traveled too. Hope you are all feeling better! Christy Zima